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Written by Beck Rosoman
13 Wednesday 13th April 2011

Bruno: Music was always part of my upbringing my father played a lot of opera around the house. I started playing classical piano around the age of 6 until I was a teenager when I started getting into techno, industrial and synth music.  My older brother was a DJ and I had a chance to go to some legendary NY clubs as a kid that definetly had an influence on me growing up.    

Shannon: Music was all over in my life, in the car, at home. I grew up listening to my parents and older brothers vinyl records. I began going to see live shows around the age of 12 and clubbing at 13. I took pianos lessons when I was little for a year or two til my folks couldn't afford it anymore. I grew up singing in church til I grew weary of this institution as a teen. Neither of my parents are musical just fans of music.

What drew you to Brooklyn? Did you move specifically with the intention of making music? Would you say your location plays a part in the sound of Light Asylum. Do you feel part of any local 'scene'?

S: Yes, I moved to New York ten years ago from Seattle to get a bigger picture. I'm a musician so, wherever I go it's with music in mind usually but I don't think Brooklyn had anything to do with the 'sound' of Light Asylum. Brooklyn kept me hungry and broke enough all the time to pursue my career harder and evolve musical ideas into concentrated form. New York is one of the most creatively inspiring places in the world no matter what. The local scene I feel most connected to doesn't exist yet or has already passed.

B: Especially with the internet making it possible to make connections all over the place - even globally - there is something to be said for the fact that the 'local scene' may be something of the past.  We definitely started playing shows in Brooklyn and we're connected to our fans here in a special way.  But there's also something larger going on that we feel all over the place.  

You've both been involved with other musical projects. How did you find each other and what made it stick? Were you always intending to form a duo?

S: I've been in a couple of duos before this one. I've always been a fan of them. It's easier for the obvious reasons in a city like New York when it's hard to coordinate your time and still be able to pay your bills. We met while on tour across North America together in other projects. Both of us realised we appreciated similar music and are both sensitive to certain aspects of creating with intention. It's a good match.

B:  We were on tour opening for Bunny Rabbit a few years back in separate acts but we bonded as friends quickly and always talked about getting together to work on something.  After running into each other one night at a club we decided we had to try to write some songs especially cause Shannon already had some dates booked.  We pretty much got together in the studio one day and wrote three of the songs we still play two years later.   

Was it a conscious decision or a necessity to self release 'In Tension'?

S: It was a necessity, we just wanted to get the music out there.  

Do you feel there is a weight of expectation upon you when it comes to releasing a full length album?

B:  I'm stoked to get an album done because people have already started requesting songs we haven't even recorded yet. We try to keep the recordings as close to our live show as possible so the only expectation is to make our jams sound as close to what people want to hear as possible while also trying to tweak their minds a bit cause listening to the recordings is definitely an experience in it's own. 

S: We hope to be signed and not have to "self-release" a full length. When that happens there is always pressure as it's 'business'. We hope to team up with a label that believes in the music as well as the business and has our back while giving us all the creative freedom we need to produce the record we want the world to have, hear and experience.

What are your plans for an album release? What can we expect from Light Asylum this year in terms of further releases, tours and projects?

S: The EP will be properly released worldwide this Spring on a label soon to be announced. New singles in the Summer/Fall months and a full length release early 2012! Light Asylum is touring with YACHT in North America throughout April/May and hopes to be on every UK and European Summer festival in 2011. Stay tuned.

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