19 Tuesday 19th April 2011

How did the Swamp 81 label come about?

I wanted to put music I loved, and that wasn't necessarily coming out, out.

The name obviously comes from the police operation during the Brixton riots. Does that mean you’re linking what you’re releasing to South London? Obviously that’s where DMZ is as well.

Yes, I'm proud of my area's history and story, so I wanted to give it a nod.

Is there a particular sound you’re trying to push or is it just whatever you’re feeling?

Just good quality electronic music.


There seems to be a big juke/808 vibe on some of the stuff you’ve released, like Footcrab or Ramadanman’s tune ‘Work Them’. What is it about that sound that you like?


Do you listen to any of the American juke stuff, like DJ Rashad or Roc? Do you think that people in the UK can really get that? I know that one of my friends thinks that without the whole footwork dance culture that they have in Chicago, we’re missing out a bit.

To be honest I'm not an authority on juke. The first reference point I had towards it was Footcrab.

What’s next on Swamp 81?

Swamp011 - the Boddika double pack - has just come out today. Next up is a release by Funkbias (Zed Bias and Funk Butcher) and following that is the infamous Sicko Cell.

What about the production side of things? We’ve not heard much from you in a while, anything in the pipeline?

I've been writing quite a lot lately, so hopefully it won't be too long till some of my stuff sees the light of day.

What about that Sicko Cell tune? Are you responsible for that or are we not allowed to know?

No comment.

That tune created a massive amount of hype and it’s still not been released yet. Are you surprised by how much people picked up on it? Was keeping the song a secret, a deliberate tactic or just something that happened?

The name ‘Secret’ was at the request of the producer. If anything it was meant to avoid hype!

What’s your production set up like now?

Sequence in logic, plugs, virus ti and a Roland jv2080.

Also, I think I read in an old Blackdown interview from 2005 that you were looking for the perfect crisp mixdown in everything you make, but you never could. Six years on do you reckon you’ve got that yet?

It's better...

Going back a bit, what made you want to get into production? Was it jungle? Metalheadz?

Just being a part of that scene, seeing it grow from hardcore to jungle to drum and bass. I wanted a part of all of it, the production, the DJing, the label and rave promotion. As a kid I really looked up to Goldie, pretty much everything he'd done (up to about ‘98) was what I wanted for myself.

What is it about the stuff that appeals to you? I guess most people would say that your music has that darkness that jungle has…

Groove is the most important thing for me.

DMZ had its 6th birthday last month. How do you feel about where the night is at right now? Do you see it carrying on for another six years?

It's in a good place right now, another six is very possible!

Think I read somewhere that you were in one of Dane Bowers music videos once. What was that like? Did he even know who you were? You’re not a fan I take it.

Dunno who told you that! It's just not true!

Swamp 81 will be at Cable, Bermondsey St Tunnel in London, on Saturday April 23rd. Run by We Fear Silence, the night will include Loefah, Boddika, Joy-Orbison and FaltyDL among others, for more details on the event head to the ‘Events’ page on Swamp81’s official website.

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