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After tearing up Neon Noise Project’s excellent Halloween party this Saturday with their zombie electro we caught up with Kitsune’s latest discovery, LOGO. Their first EP La Vie Moderne, unleashed in August, featured standout tracks 'Junocide' surging through neon swathed overpasses under indigo clouded skies, all gilt finishes and high rises reflected in mirrored windows, while title track 'La Vie Moderne' stomps a groove through the static bursts of an epileptic Geiger counter. Thomas and Hugues told us their favourite tracks for the end of the world and what they’d do without music.
Who are Logo?
Thomas: We both are spectators of modern life. But, for my part, I'm a bearded graphic designer.
Hugues: I study economics. I hope we're not just another electro French duo.

What's your favourite logo?
Thomas: My favourite is that of Carrefour (a French supermarket chain), it's ugly but clever.
Hugues: Today, it is the Renault one for me. It's' a silver diamond.
Where did you first meet? What were you first impressions of each other?
Hugues: Thomas was a friend of a friend. We met each other in a café. We talked about our common making music in our room hobby. One day we decided to try and compose a track together. We realised that we wanted the same thing.
Thomas: We'll release this first track very soon. When I saw Hugues, I thought he was the perfect preppy. Now I know so.
How did you start making music together?
Thomas: We tried to see each other more and more, but without aiming at doing it live as we do today. Our ambition was merely to have a myspace page.
Hugues: Sometimes we work on sketches separately and finish the tracks together, our first studio sessions together were about vomiting/releasing our music frustration

Last record you'd play at the end of the world?
Hugues: ‘The Nightfly’ by Donald Fagen. I can't stop listening to it.
Thomas: King Crimson, ‘Epitaph’.

What was the first record you bought?
Thomas: Nas' album, which I remember buying in a discount joint along with some other big US rap records.
Hugues: I think it was Limp Bizkit... later on, I started listening to music.
Who are your favourite new French electro artists?
Hugues: We are big fans of Discodeine, but also Bot'ox, DyE or Darabi.

Who is your worst enemy?
Thomas: Spam emails.
Hugues: Conspirationists [sic].
If you could re-design the world for a better future, what would you do?
Hugues: It would be an ultra liberal world. The way Frederic Bastiat described it.
Thomas: Same as today only faster.
What would you do without music?
Thomas: Jigsaws.
Hugues: You mean without computers?

Favourite cafe or boutique in Paris?
Hugues: The corner shop down my street
Thomas: Le Cadran, rue du Faubourg Saint Martin, you always get free dishes of big fat greasy French fries with your drinks
Who would you most like to remix?
Hugues: Aaliyah.
Thomas: ESG.

What are your plans for the future? Do you have an LP coming out?
Hugues: We’re working a lot on the live act to make it different every time. We’re also working on our next EP.
For more information see their myspace.


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