Written by James Read
09 Wednesday 09th May 2012


What can you tell us about your new album, Ask the Dust, out next month?

It's some different shit, for sure. Pushed a lot of my own buttons while making it, but also did a bit of growing up and exploration with different recording techniques, sounds and textures I wouldn't normally use. Keeping mistakes, leaving certain things unpolished. Very rewarding to make. I'm excited to hear the response, if any.

Nothing Else was amazing, but pretty dark. Is the new LP in a similar vein?

Haha, you say it like a bad thing. But the new record definitely isn't as oppressive as Nothing Else. Not that thats a bad thing, either, just has its time and place. I've moved on a bit from those confined spaces. My sound has evolved.

It'll be your first release on Ninja Tune. How's it been working with them?

Everyone at Ninja Tune is on it. They know how this shit goes down. But they also love the music they release and support.. professionalism and realness. It's been good.

How'd you get into making music?
I heard Aphex Twin - 'Come To Daddy' as a kid from the CKY2K skate video and it blew my fucking mind. Searched the ends of the earth to find it and once I did it was game on. Around the same time I discovered turntablism but wasn't happy with the hip-hop I was exposed to, so I started teaching myself how to make my own beats - inspired by this new-to-me world of electronic music - to scratch to.

You list your location on Soundcloud as "The Woods, Antarctica". Do you like isolating yourself when you're working on a track?
Yeah, I'm at peace then.

You've got a track on there titled 'I'm in your butt(YOU WANT TO DIE)'. Tell us a bit more about that.
I caught that sample, unedited, from some horror b-movie trailer on youtube. No idea what movie it is or if she actually is saying that but that's sure what it sounded like to me. Thought it was hilarious.. that's all.

You played with Amon Tobin last weekend. How do you approach live gigs?
My approach to live shows is similar to making music alone. When I hear, re-build and mix my music on those loud speakers it takes me right back to that visceral moment. The before and after, though... that is hell.
To hear more Lorn, and check progress on his next album, Ask the Dust, visit here.

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