Lost Plates: Burial


Written by Oscar Henson
24 Monday 24th November 2014

This week: Burial


'Speedball 2'

An unreleased cut from the same creative period as ‘Untrue’. One of the best minute-and-a-halfs on Youtube.


'buriedMIX2' with Flying Lotus

So what exactly is the crack with this beat? A few years ago it was upped to the Flying Lotus Soundcloud under the name ‘Flying Lotus – buriedMIX2 //burial dj kicks??’08’, an obvious reference to the rumoured Burial DJ Kicks mix CD that (unsurprisingly) never materialised. Assuming the collab is legit, this should be considered an absolute highlight from the fertile Brainfeeder-Hyperdub connection circa 08-09.


'True Love VIP'

Another well-mourned Burial classic that will almost definitely never see the light of day. Best bet for hearing this in full would involve robbing Blackdown's absurd collection of dubplates and acetates. 


'Feral Witchchild'

We’ve only ever heard 16 bars of this tune, and 6 years later we’re still talking about it…



Filtered-down, low-light junglist fury – a standout moment from Kode9’s classic 2007 Sonar Mix.



A rickety beat obscured by violent atmospherics: Burial minimalism at its finest.


'U Hurt Me (Version)'

This alternative version of ‘U Hurt Me’ is early evidence of Burial’s nostalgia for peak-time rave euphoria – a theme that would remain somewhat dormant until later in his career.

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