Lost Plates: Mala


Written by Oscar Henson
01 Monday 01st December 2014

This week: Mala

(Special shout-out goes to America’s dubstep ambassador, Mr Joe Nice – nearly all of these clips are ripped from his seminal radio show ‘Gourmet Beats’ on Sub FM.)


Mala – Bring Sut Unt

Haywire DMZ banger circa 2005-2006. Unruly percussion coupled with that unhinged, warbling melody - could only be Mala Mystikz on the buttons.


Mala – Jah Power Dub

The definition of ‘sub workout’. One of those ‘wheel at the second drop’ tunes - maybe the best Mala tune ever?


Mala – Body Clock Delay

Head-nodder with a mesmerizing melody that manages to keep Joe Nice quiet for three whole minutes.


Mala, Quest and Silkie – Shirt and Tie

Blissed-out melodic stepper from the Medi camp. After years of us all rinsing the shoddy Antisocial Rinse FM rip on YouTube, Quest has blessed us with a full-length high quality stream on his Soundcloud. More of these please!


Mala – Dun Stinky

Regal tune.


Mala & Sgt Pokes – Answer Me

Moody, eyes-down collab from the DMZ camp, providing a rare glimpse of the Sarge on production duties. Check this clip for a great mix out of Joker’s ‘Untitled_rsn’.


Mala – Livin Different VIP

Rare VIP cut of ‘Livin Different’. The original was a highlight of Mala’s ‘Return to Space’ album on DMZ, and this version comes close to topping it. 

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