Love International 2017 – Day-By-Day Highlights


Written by Marlon Clark-Ward
Photos and illustrations by Here & Now and Carys Huws
13 Thursday 13th July 2017

The second edition of Love International came and went in a flash. Were organisers able to continue the vibe from year one and the heritage of The Garden Festival? In short - Yes. Dave Harvey and Tom Paine successfully created a hedonistic playground which caters to the full-on party goer as well as the chilled-out beach dweller. The following review offers day-by-day highlights of the festival, providing a further indication to why Love International is a must on your summer schedule.


Thursday 29th June - 14:00 – 18:00 - Banoffee Pies & Palms Trax - Argonaughty

Banoffee Pies have been throwing parties and running an internationally acclaimed label since 2013. Ell and Sandy have since progressed into a DJ duo making waves on the European circuit. Maracas and incense welcomed a sell-out boat of fresh faced party revellers. The early vibe was tropical and fun. Selections included “Usha Uthup Chorus - One Two Cha Cha”. Palms Trax set was seamless with expert mixing, a now trademark from one of the most in demand touring DJs. As the boat sailed on, the music and crowd became raucous. “Kelis Ft. Andre 3000 – Millionaire” got a run out as the last hour saw all three DJs playing back-to-back. A true party boat, with everyone involved perfectly set up for a fun-filled evening.



Friday 30th June - 18:00 – 19:00 – Khruangbin - Gondola

Khruangbin are a texas trio who ooze style. The only artists to perform on the wooden Gondola stage during the festival. A rare cloudy afternoon could not stop the collectives’ acoustic brilliance brightening up the Friday. The set included favoured tracks “Zionsville”, “People Everywhere” and “Mr. White”. Psychedelic funk jams best describe the groups sound. Listeners are eagerly awaiting the collectives next LP release after the resounding success of The Universe Smiles Upon You. Keep your ears to the ground.



Saturday 1st July - 00.00 - 02.00 – Young Marco – Beach Bar

To fall into the underground electronic elite, you must develop a signature sound and unique style of mixing. Few have done this better than Dutch DJ and producer Young Marco. The crowd lapped up a cosmic performance on the Beach Stage complete with Acid House, Synth-Pop and Disco. Marco seemed to stitch songs together rather than mixing them; masterfully utilising the DJR 400 E&S Rotary Mixer. Tracks included “Cyclops – Jump Bugs” and “Abba – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme”. A fluid set of diverse selections kept listeners engaged and elated on a balmy Saturday night.


Sunday 2nd July - 00:00 – 06:00 - Craig Richards, Ben UFO, Call Super – Barbarellas

A house and disco dominated line-up created further anticipation for the darker realms of dance music promised from the Craig Richards Presents Barberellas. Call Super sufficiently prepared the crowd for the main course - A four-hour back-to-back session with Richards and Ben UFO. The duo traversed through Techno, Garage, Breaks and Electro. A prime example being “Objekt – Theme from Q”. The energy was electric. As the sun rose, selections became more obscure – The malfunctioning rhythm of “Duckett – Black Sheep,” forthcoming on Wisdom Teeth, rang through the function one system. The hype was warranted, in what was for me, the best Barbarellas party of the week.



Monday 3rd July – 23:00 – 01:00 – Moscoman & Love Fingers – Olive Grove

The production value at the Olive Grove was second to none on site. A woven mesh canopy draped over head whilst wooden chill out areas surrounded the dance floor. Moscoman took centre stage. The artist is renowned for blending New Wave, House and Techno, whilst often taking influence from his Middle Eastern roots. Tracks included “Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Messages (Greg Wilson Edit)”. Moscoman rejoined the stage after Love Fingers set for an impromptu back-to-back. The 1989 hit “Lil Lous – French Kiss” stood out. The track and flickering strobe light ensured a fun and sleazy atmosphere. 



It is easy to see why people return to the quaint town of Tisno each year to lose and find themselves at Love International. Combine the exceptional music, stunning scenery and quality restaurants – You find the perfect blend between festival and holiday. A big thank you to Team Love and the extended crew for making 2017 so special. A truly unforgettable week.

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