Love International: A Five Point Guide


Written by Marlon Clark-Ward
Photos and illustrations by Khris Cowley,
04 Thursday 04th May 2017

As the summer season approaches, there is a growing trend of people frequenting festivals in mainland Europe. Rightly so. What is better than combining your favourite music with a sun filled vacation? With so many to choose from it can be tough deciding which option is right for you. Don’t Panic offer a five-point guide to why Love International should be top of your list.



Harnessing a unique sense of intimacy and inspiration, Love International is set in the picture-postcard town of Tisno. By day the site offers a secluded beach and bay to relax. By night, it transforms into a hedonistic playground. The festival has found a fine balance between a mesmerising holiday and a festival odyssey.


Boat Parties

The boat parties have become an integral part of the festival experience. Setting sail during the afternoon and evening, the Argonaughty and Martina embark on three hour voyages across the clear Adriatic waters. There are twenty different events to choose from, culminating in the Secret Island Party on the last day. This year sees takeovers from Studio Barnhus, Banoffee Pies, Crack Magazine and many more! 



Barbarellas Discoteque

Another focal point to your evening and morning schedule is the Barbarellas after parties. The open-air space has been rated in the top 25 clubs in Europe. This summer’s parties will once again form an essential part of the festival. Picks include Futureboogie’s night with Gerd Janson, Gatto Fritto, Dave Harvey and Christophe. Also see Percolate’s takeover with Midland B2B Ryan Elliot joining residents Krywald and Farrer.


Sunrise Sessions

The morning shows take place in the dappled shade of the pine trees on the festival site. Set to a different pace from the rest of Love International, the four performances will be both languid and enchanting. Expect the sunrise hours to be filled with ambient and experimental sounds. This year also sees a special Reggae Vision party hosted by Craig Richards. Listeners will get the opportunity to hear the normal club selectors eclectic reggae collections. A perfect end to your night or start to your morning.



A pivotal role in all festival experiences is the people you share your time and space with. 2500 music lovers from across the world make their way to Tisno for a week of inspiration, escapism and discovery. Love International has been able to continue the legacy from Garden by attracting the right kind of party people. This really helps to set the vibe.


Festival Dates: Weds June 28th – Weds July 5th 2017




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