Luke Vibert @ Bloc Weekend


Written by Kim Wilson
21 Monday 21st March 2011


Over the years, you have worked with artists, such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher – do you have a preferred style of work or favourite collaborator?

Working with Richard (D James) and Thomas (Jenkinson) was great and we have done some really good things over the years but my first collaboration was with Jeremy Simmonds. In 1993 we released an album on Reflex that led to me being picked up for my ‘ambient’ sound. I don’t think I was ambient, I didn’t really know what that was but it was what they wanted to hear, so…

Haha! You’ve been away for a few years, doing family things I hear. What was the motivation behind this album?

Yes, I do have children but Ninja Tunes approached me and asked if Wagon Christ was ready for another outing. I’m always making music, so I send them some tracks and they selected what they they liked the sound of.


Why have you worked with so many different labels?

Well, it gives me more freedom and avoids disappointment from people listening to the music. It also avoids pigeon-holeing and when friends set up labels they ask me if I’d like to do something and I always say yes. I always play as Luke Vibert but Kerrier District represents my disco side, whilst Amen is more drum and bass-like.

I’m surprised Luke Vibert is your real name!

Lucky me! It is quite funny when I go to shops and pay for things on credit cards people look at it and say that I’ve the same name as a musician, sometimes I tell them it is me!

So, what music are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment, it’s all quite funky, some old school jazz, classical pieces.


How would you describe the influences on your music? Most people say their parents’ record collection.

My dad was really into Prince, so I grew-up listening to that sound and I found a real liking for the Rolling Stones. Richard, Aphex Twin was a major hit growing up in Cornwall. He was producing music like nothing I’d ever heard before. I played in punk bands but his sound was so new and fresh that in many ways he was a motivational influence rather than his music directly.

Do you have any secret fantasies? Musical collaborations?

I wouldn’t mind remixing some of Prince’s stuff, I hesitate as I wouldn’t want to make something awful. I sent his some material, some synthy-funk but I don’t know if he received it.

Best Prince tune?

The Ballad of Dorothy Parker but I fancy playing around with When Doves Cry.

Plans for the future?

The album launch, flying to Moscow, hopefully going to Japan and America this summer and think I’m playing at Glastonbury as well this year.

‘Toomorrow’ comes out on Ninja Tunes this month. Find out more about Bloc at

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