Written by Lucy Natek
Photos and illustrations by Various
11 Sunday 11th September 2011

Was Hurry Up We’re Dreaming always meant to be a double album or did that just happen?

No, I didn’t plan on making one right now, although I always wanted to make one. So when I ended up having the amount of songs to fill up a double album, I went for it. I always liked ambitious and epic projects like that and this was the right time to make my own.

So is that how you would describe your album?

Yes. An ambitious and epic soundtrack for a movie.

Do you have the movie in your head?

Kind of, yeah.

Midnight City by M83

What’s it about?

It’s about tons of things, but it’s mostly a musical journey, in which my music is the background for whatever story you want the movie to be about.

Do you plan on venturing into movies?

Yes I do indeed, I think my music is very fitting to pictures and I would love to work towards that more in the future. I even moved to LA a year and a half ago to be closer to the industry.

Is it your favorite album to date?

Yes. It is, now it is.

How do you decide when a song is done and perfect?

I can never let go, I usually need somebody else to tell me it’s done. If I was left to my own perfectionist devices, I would still be working on my first album, haha.

M83 started as a duo, but now it’s just you. Do you prefer being in a band or a solo artist?

I prefer working alone, I am very selfish music-wise. I love the feeling of being alone with my music, it’s a difficult thing for me to share. I do love working with other people like producers, music engineers and artists, who have similar visions for our music.   

Is that how you decide who you want to work with?

Yeah, definitely! I always want to work with people who sincerely love my music, and most of the time I’m lucky in that sense. I would never work with a big producer if they wouldn't know my music or wouldn't like it. I would rather someone who is less experienced but is driven by passion.   

Intro (ft Zola Jesus) by M83

You’re going on tour in October, are you excited about that?

Yes, I haven’t been on tour for two years and I can’t wait to go again. Touring is great, especially when you make an album and you’re excited to share it with the audience. I can’t wait, to be honest.

You say you’re a shy person, so how does that tie in with being a performer?

It’s hard, but I’ve been doing it for over ten years now, so I’m slowly getting used to it (he laughs).

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is released on 17th October. Find out more at ilovem83.com

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