Madonna, Ariel Pink, Grimes and Black Lips Are Having a Fight.


20 Monday 20th October 2014

Ariel has come forward and stated that Interscope has approached him to help with the songwriting aspect of Madonna's thirteenth studio album. Pink says, 'They need something edgy. They need songwriting. She can't just have her Avicii, her producers or whatever, come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she's 20 years old. They actually need songs. I'm partly responsible for that return-to-values thing.'

Ariel Pink of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti series, a lo-fi project that spanned the early 2000's, is probably the last person on earth I expected to help Madonna work on her new tracks. While there is no doubt he is immensely talented, recording all his songs himself and consistently producing a wealth of music, he gives off the attitude implying he'd rather be anywhere than helping Madonna make music, though I'm assuming the promise of a large cheque may have helped things along here. His attitude towards her follows that of the smug boy who's always trying to quiz you on how well you really know music, asking you about rare b-sides no one cares about to see how much of a 'true fan' you really are. 

Pink wants to help Madonna get back to her roots, under the impression she hasn't released anything decent since her first album. 'Ray Of Light is not cool. And all that other stuff she's done after that, it's not like it matters. It really shows a drain of values. People need more substance in their mac-and-cheese. People need more sugar or something.'

Ariel Pink's attempt to be a saviour to a woman who's been making music since he was shitting himself comes off a little self righteous, and a lot rude. His comments have been fervently slammed by her fans, including Grimes: 

Madonna's side aren't the only ones pissed off about this, his fans are also a little more than perturbed by the notion. You know what indie kids are like - annoying, self entitled and furious if anything they consider part of their precious record collection might worm its way into the mainstream. A lot of terms such as 'I don't like any of her music' and 'let's not callously throw around the term misogynistic' and 'please don't work with her Ariel' have been floating around the internet in a vague attempt to try and preserve the nature of Pink's work. 

Though after a string of tweets from Madonna lovers asking that Ariel Pink was removed from the project for his comments regarding her music career, her manager broke silence and stated that Madonna not only had never heard of Ariel Pink, but had no interest in working with mermaids. Burn. 

To add even more fuel to this fire, Black Lips joined the debate defending Ariel Pink, replying to Grimes' tweet questioning how it was misogynistic. Pink tweeted: 

Whether Madonna pulled the plug because she didn't like Ariel Pink's attitude towards her career or whether Ariel Pink just engaged in a really terrific publicity stunt, my guess is Madonna won't be requiring Ariel Pink's edge he so gladly possesses, and we won't be hearing an experimental lo-fi track from the queen of pop any time soon. Thank fuck for that. 

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