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Madonna Compares Album Leak to "Rape" and "Terrorism"


18 Thursday 18th December 2014

Madonna recently threw a temper tantrum when reports claimed her 13th studio album had leaked. Instead of being suitably bummed out about it like a normal person, Madonna has hit back at her hackers by describing the incident as 'artistic rape' and an 'act of terrorism'. Although she did thank the people who made a conscious decision to not listen.

No worries Madge, it wasn't a hard decision.

Anyway, given the events of the past week, her choice of words was indelicate to say the least. As you know, 130 children were killed by terrorists in a school in Pakistan and two people were killed in a terrorist siege in a cafe in Australia. And while we've managed to go three days without a high-profile rape case (yay), it's still a subject that affects people in a manner far graver than the premature release of post-disco EDM garbage. So yeah, shut up Madonna.

I guess money and fame have a habit of ripping out the good bits of people and making them neoliberal corpses on the inside. 

Madonna has really kicked up a shit storm about this album, but I wouldn't be shocked if her PR team leaked it themselves. Following the Ariel Pink debacle that took place a couple of months ago, it seems she'll spew any old garbage on Twitter to make people notice. I’m just praying that this next album isn’t so heavily focused on a 56 year old popping molly while thrusting to Tiesto. 

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