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Major Lazer and Walshy Fire present Suns Of Dub


Written by Robert Foster
13 Thursday 13th February 2014

To celebrate Don't Panic's new A - Z of Dub poster, I thought it'd be fun to put up this two month old mixtape from Major Lazer and Walshy Fire, which is pretty heavy on the dub stuff. Have a read and a listen. Happy Thursday!

Major Lazer & Walshy Fire Present SUNS OF DUB Mixtape mixed by Walshy Fire driven by features Addis Pablo, Ras Jammy & the Suns of Dub the new generation of Rockers International. A mix of Dub, Reggae, DnB, EDM and many different Dub-Influenced Genres. This Mixtape includes a range of new, originals & remixes w/ Chronixx, Bob Marley, Major Lazer, Queen Omega, Zebulun, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Earl Sixteen & more.

Large Up Premiere Story:…sent-suns-of-dub/

1. Vybz wa yuh Feel - Suns of Dub & El Toro
2. Babylon Dubbing Down - Kelissa (Suns of Dub Mix)
3. Do it - Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
4. Sound Boy Dub - Simonese Iyata (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
5. Real Dub - Kabaka Pyramid (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
6. Amsterdam Interview Interlude - Suns of Dub
7. Fall in Love (feat. Addis Pablo) - Slum Village (Suns of Dub Mix)
8. Amsterdam Interview Interlude - Suns of Dub
9. Hot Steppa DubMIx (feat. Chronixx & Green Lion Crew) - Suns of Dub
10. Wall Street (Get Free) - Chronixx (Suns of Dub Mix)
11. Wait in Vain (feat. Addis Pablo) - Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)
12. Dub CInderella - Protoje (Cinderella in Black Riddim)
13. Weeping (Ganja) Dub - Kabaka Pyramid (Suns of Dub & Bek Susertz)
14. Zion I Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) - Adam Prescott & Suns of Dub
15. My Name Dub - Kabaka Pyramid & Augustus Pablo (Havendale Rock)
16. DubTron - Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
17. Touch the Road Dub - Luciano (Suns of Dub Mix)
18. Music Like Herb Interview Interlude - Ras Jammy
19. Lavantille Uprising (feat. Derron & TesfaZion) - Suns of Dub (Journey to Port of Spain)
20. Rastafari & Augustus Pablo in Music Interlude - Addis Pablo
21. Inna de Dub - Addis Pablo & Suns of Dub
22. Mountain Peak (feat. Machet) - Addis Pablo
23. Far I (Send Out) - Suns of Dub
24. New Dub - Jah 9 & Addis Pablo (Call of the Righteous)
25. Welcome to Trinidad (feat. Derron) - Suns of Dub
26. Alpha Omega (feat. Augustus Pablo) - Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
27. Freedom Fighters Dub (feat. Earl Sixteen) - Suns of Dub 
28. Rat Race Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) - Randy Valentine
29. Life as a Soldier - Queen Omega (The Journey to Baltimore)
30. Concrete Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) - Zebulun (Suns of Dub)
31. No Woman No Dub - Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)

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