Making Apocalypse Nerd!


Written by Don't Panic
14 Thursday 14th November 2013

Underground comic-book legend Peter Bagge and writer-director Tupaq Felber have collaborated on this feature-film, and now have a script and crew ready to go into pre-production for an Autumn 2013 shoot. The script has been called "The Road meets Withnail and I" or "Old Joy meets Time of the Wolf". A classic graphic-novel made into a wonderful piece of British Independent Cinema, is what it is.

The source material promises in-built cult potential and solid buzz from early on. The crew include a BAFTA nominated DP, The Maccabees doing the score, Harmony Korine's editor, Sal Alcott from Game of Thrones doing make up and Jon Bausor of the RSC/ROH on productions design.

Blog Nerdcore described the films main characters Gordon and Perry as "grunge versions of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost"

Felber has already rounded up an incredible crew and in true Indie film style Apocalypse Nerd will be funded via Kickstarter.

Its a really exciting project, appealing to such a broad audience. Peter Bagge will be giving away all his original comic-book art as well as creating some great stuff exclusively for the movie.

PETER BAGGE'S APOCALYPSE NERD - Official Teaser Trailer #1 from tupaq felber on Vimeo.

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