Marc Collin Interview


Written by Sandy Hagenbach
10 Wednesday 10th December 2014

1) Hey Marc. How're you this afternoon?

I’m fine, thanks!

2) Can you explain the inspiration behind the 'Bristol' group?

I wanted to create a kind of sequel to the Nouvelle Vague project, following the musical passion I had for trip hop in the 90’s that has followed my passion for new wave music before. I like this idea that a whole movement that has inspired so many artists was born in one city, like what has happened with techno in Detroit and house Chicago.

3) What is the common thread linking Nouvelle Vague and this project? What do you find so interesting about reworking music in this way? 

The link is that the bands both in new wave and trip hop weren’t based on musicians at first, more on personalities, characters, sound producers and music fans etc. Both have finally written classics songs for their generation, I wanted to do a kind of tribute to those bands and at the same time reveal their songs through my art, lets say.

4) What's your relationship with the Bristol trip-hop scene?

I first discovered Massive Attack with their debut album in 91, it was a shock! I Immediately started to try to produce music in this way, using samples etc. I was also a fan of soundtracks and old vinyl so it seemed natural for me to follow their example. The first Portishead EP had the same effect, it brought this idea that something was happening in Bristol, there was also Tricky, Monk and Canatella and Smith and Mighty.


5) Can you pick a highlight from that era?

It would have to be 96 the year of the release of what we can call the ‘after first Massive Attack shock’ in 91. Archive, Morcheeba, Jay Jay, Joahnsson, Lamb, Howie B, Hooverphonic, Sneaker Pimps, Waldeck and my band Ollano :)

6) I see a neat link between the trip-hop movement and your project - the trip-hop sound came from taking sounds like hip hop and soul and recasting them in an entirely original way, and with the Bristol project you've done the same again - recasting old influences in an entirely new way. Was this continuum a conscious one? 

Yes my idea was to do a kind of reverse trip somehow, I mean to imagine how those songs would have sounded if they were recorded in the 60’s as a real soundtrack so maybe 30 years after they could have been sampled by trip hop artist’s, kind of loop :)

7) What can we expect from the 'Bristol' album? 

There are some classics like Neneh Cherry’s Woman, Massive Attack - Safe From Harm, Archive - Nothing Else, but also songs to discover like: Monk & Canatella - I Can Water My Plants and Perry Blake - Our Widows by The Radio.

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