MASASOLO Album Review


Written by Dan Haze
08 Wednesday 08th November 2017

Masasolo is a dreamy, synthwave band that burst onto the Danish and international music scene last year with their debut song "Really Thought She Loved Me", which later became part of the ep Breakup.

Now they’re back with a debut album At Sixes and Sevens’ that deals with the mixed feelings of getting older, the fear for not finding your place in life and the loss of a parent. But it's not all doom and gloom, in the middle of all this there’s newfound love.

When I was younger I felt confident about where my life was going - I took a master's degree in sociology, had relations I thought would last forever and knew my own moral and values. But without noticing the direction I had taken I all the sudden found myself in a place I would never had predicted. It wasn’t better or worse just really not what I’d expected. This left me in a sought of a groundbreaking existential confusion which I was really surprised about.” says principal member Morten.

Masasolo mixes a gloomy, psychedelic sound with very present and catchy pop melodies. Their grandiose sound is built around playfulness in the studio. The sound varies from dreamy heartbreakers to epic energetic moments and each of the 9 songs on the album is full of character. The characteristic vocals will immediately conjure associations to Masasolo’s sources of inspiration such as Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

The eternal guitar and synth tones of the first three songs of the album present a more electronically-inspired sound, where the sunny "Ordinary Day" and especially the airy "And To Know This" are much more heavenly, dreamlike. But these dreamy songs are abruptly interrupted by the whirling tornado of wild drums and noisy guitars on "Love Here Tonight", which shows that Masasolo has in no way said goodbye to psych rock.

The mix of floating pop and crooked rock, bound together by Morten Søgaard's versatile skills in melody writing gives the album a truly unique sound. ‘At Sixes and Sevens’ is out on vinyl and all digital platforms via Masasaolo’s own label NOW!


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