Written by Dan Hampson
Photos and illustrations by Kevin Morosky
14 Monday 14th November 2011

Melé - Raider (MIXPAK) by Melé

Melé, what's going on? How’s 2011 been?

It's been all good man! I've been doing a lot of DJing these last few months, so can't complain!
Your mixing and selection game is tight. Who did you look to for influences when learning to mix and what did you teach yourself on?

I don't think there is a better DJ to look up to than Oneman. If I could be half as good as him one day that would be wicked. I used to spin a bit of vinyl when I first started but I properly taught myself on CDJs. I have been wanting to get back into buying and spinning vinyl a little bit though.

Liverpool’s record stores aren’t the best, so where did you buy your music from?

There was this one shop called 3beat that I used to go into when i was about twelve, thirteen. Other than that it was finding rap records in the vinyl section in Virgin; I've still got an old Method Man sleeve which I engraved the date and my name onto!

Visions Of Trees - Sirens (Novocaine) (Melé Remix) by Melé

Sinden got behind your productions early on in your career. Firstly, that must have felt pretty good right? Secondly, did his influence alter your production style at all?

Yeah man, totally! He's someone I look up to massively in music - I always send music to him first and he gives me pointers on where I could improve etc. But yeah, when I was first sending him records it was all that camp I was listening too: Switch, Hervé etc...

You’re about to set off on this madness of a tour with Brenmar and Dillon Francis, sure you’re ready?

I'm not totally sure, haha, I'm really looking forward to it though. It's my first proper tour so it's going to be a wicked experience for sure. Not ready for massive hangovers and airports though.

Which city you most looking forward to playing?

I can't wait to go to Berlin, it's one of them places that might let me go a bit deep! In the UK, it's gotta be Leeds. Bigger Than Barry at Mint club always comes correct!

Talk to us about that Fabric stage-diving incident...

Urgh haha. Basically Monki and I said we where going to do one for a laugh, it just turns out she got caught and I landed on my face. Two huge bouncers marched me up the stairs and threw me out: I was back in two minutes later though.

What have you got coming up production-wise?

I'm working on my next Grizzly Records EP, trying to ease into a more production role too. I think Imight have just written the A-side today actually, bringing back some Scouse house!

Which three tracks couldn’t you live without?

'Represent' by Nas, 'Fuse' by Hudson Mohawke and 'Xxplosive' by Dr Dre. I'm glad they exist.

If you could collaborate with any producer, dead or alive, who would it be?

Right now it would be Hud Mo: I want 'Fuse' played at my wedding! He's a fan of my stuff so I suppose you never know, haha!

Melé hits Room 3 in Fabric this Friday November 18th with Brenmar and Dillon Francis as part of the Visions tour and tickets are still going here. Keep up to date with his tour shenanigans via his Facebook page.

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