Written by Lucy Natek
06 Monday 06th September 2010

After the Brooklyn band Le Tige went on hiatus, two members of the group JD Samson and Johanna Fateman embarked on a new music journey together, later on Johanna was replaced by Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Michael O'Neill. Naming themselves MEN, the group of artists is now just about to release their first single Credit Card Babie$. As the band members are known as advocates for a more equal and just world, MEN is bound to be a band, that will not only raise hell with it's dance floor ready beats, but while the mouthy threesome is at it, also raise awareness.

There are ladies in the band, so why call it MEN?

The band got it's name after a new confidence philosophy of Johanna that is called “what would a man do?” It emphasizes the idea that women need to feel like they deserve the equality that men have. 

Your new single really catches the attention with it's strong lyrics. What's the single talking about?
The single Credit Card Babie$ is about how difficult it can be for gay people to start a family. It costs a lot of money for lawyer bills, for adoption, for sperm bank and insemination. We wanted to open that discussion up to people that don't think about the hardship that we face if we want to start a family.



When is the album due? Will it be much like the first single?

The album should be out in January 2011, and we are so excited to finally get it out to our fans. There are a lot of songs like the first single, but there will also be some poppier numbers and some slow jams.
Are you targeting the Le Tigre audience with your music, or are you letting them go, and are hoping to attract a whole new fan base?
Hopefully Le Tigre fans will also like MEN’s music but we are a different project and we can't force anyone to come along with us. Right now, we just want to look forward and feel excited to have a great fan base of people that want to love each other. 

You currently don't have a label, though. How are you doing without one?

We are in the process of getting one which feels good, but it’s been pretty easy without one. We are self contained, we know about the business part of our work, and we know how to micromanage.
Is the mission of MEN to be a band that alerts people to important issues?

We don't really have a mission, per se, we just talk about the things that are happening in our own lives and because we are political people, our songs discuss a lot of issues that aren't necessarily all about hearts.
Do you see your music as platform for you to say the things you're saying, and to stand up for things you believe in? 

We are lucky to have a platform to talk about projects, issues, and philosophies that are important to us. We enjoy spreading these things and creating visibility for people who may not have had it before.
Would you be activists, even if you weren't artists?
Yes, we are artists and activists every morning when we wake up. Probably since we were born. There are always artists that are also activists. Its just about whether or not these people are "hip" at some point in history. America in particular is going through a very conservative moment in general and the music industry is surely a part of that. Hopefully a new revolution will poke through and smart people can be on the radio again soon.
When will you be around the UK?

We will be coming to the UK for a tour in October.
Are the UK audiences any different than the american?

Yes they are more open minded. And sometimes more drunk.
Is there anything you're looking forward to doing when you will be in the UK?
Going to The George and Dragon in London.


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