Mix Series: Funk from the Trunk


Written by Liam Shrivastava
08 Wednesday 08th June 2011

We’re now in June and with Glastonbury and a whole heap of festivals right round the corner this mix is soaked in sunshine and dripping with hot, greasy Funk goodness! Originally starting out in London, Funk from the Trunk are now one of Bristol’s best party starters with upfront Funk licks over Hip-Hop mash-ups and remixes. Comprised of founder member Mr Lingo along with Powercut, Vallee and the brilliantly named Ewan Hoozami the ‘four funkateers’ are pioneering the less serious and more get-up and dance sounds coming out of the West. Classic Swing, Soul, Ska and Reggae tunes are all given a seriously good Funking to make for great party music whilst still keeping its street-cred intact.

Put together by all four members, this new mix showcases the boy’s tongue-in-cheek style with vocal appearances from CBBC’s Rastamouse and the erudite Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer. Joking aside, there’s classic Hip-Hop in the shape of Def Jef and a tribute to the late Guru as well as some amazing refixes of recent hits from Aloe Blacc, Lady Chann & Adele. Lingo explains: The mix we've done for Dont Panic is one long odyssey of good music.” Held together with strong selection throughout, it clocks up an impressive 68 minutes but still manages to stay fresh. That’s something they’ll need this summer with FFTT taking their show on the road. The mix’s title “Live from Funkington Manor” is an allusion to the very special venue they’ll be running at this year’s Boomtown festival. Currently shrouded in mystery, we’re expecting it will be the perfect retreat for those that want to get away from tents full of stumbling, confused crusties and simply get down. This type of music is always great at festivals and you can find members of the collective at this year’s Soundwave, V Festival, Bristol’s own St Paul’s Carnival and the whole crew at Larmer Tree in July. You can win tickets to the Dorset festival with Dont Panic here.

The self proclaimed second room party kings can regularly be found rocking crowds at festivals and events throughout the UK and Europe. This comes as no surprise when you listen to the mix as it’s crammed with unashamedly good music for getting drunk and dancing stupidly to. Don’t underestimate them though – these guys have warmed up for internationally acclaimed acts such as Fat Freddy’s Drop and ?uestlove from The Roots. When we first heard this mix, it definitely had a summer Barbecue vibe to it. We asked Mr Lingo if he had any expert advice:

A top-quality BBQ really needs some proper jerk chicken, rice & peas, some home-made burgers (plenty of cinnamon), grilled halloumi, some kebabs, bit of salad on the side, plenty of good people and some cracking tunes. This all needs to be served chilled with plenty of beers, dark rum & ginger beer. Boom!”

Clearly, Lingo knows his food like he knows his record bag and this summer he and the guys promise to be serving up plenty of musical delights. If you don’t catch them at festivals this year, they’re doing a special two-room takeover at The Big Chill bar on the 25th June.

If this is the first time you’ve come across FFTT be sure to check their website and grab more cracking mixes like this one from Lingo’s Mixcloud. So next time the sun decides to shine (or not as the case may be) make sure you whack this on the player and kick back in your own Funkington Manor...

Download Here: http://www.dontpaniconline.com/uploads/music/FunkingtonManorMix3.mp3


Rt. Hon Baron Spitswell - Live From Funkington Manor
Rastamouse - Intro
DJ Vapor - Better on Alkahol
Ewan Hoozami - Spandex There
Full Melt - The Message (Brothers On The Slide Dub)  
Def Jef - Downtown
Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete
Brooklyn Soul Biscuits - Beautiful Day (Kenny Dope Raw Remix)
M Doc - It's a Summer Thang
Prince Fatty - Insane in The Brain
The Captain - H2H
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (William Breakspear Remix)
Grandmaster Flash - Freedom
Slynk vs Ed Solo - I Wish
Chris Awesome - You're Not Awesome
Kool Hertz - Revive The Message
Breakbeat Junkie - Front To Back
The Beekeepers - Transcript
Finley Quaye (Parker Remix) - Never Do That
Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer - Chap-Hop History                                         
Rory Hoy - Tribute To Guru
Mooqee - Are You Gonna (Funk Machine Man Edit)                      
The Leisure Allstars feat. Lady Chann - Friday Night (Tom Central Remix feat. DJ Cheeba)
Dirty Dubsters - Don't Mean A Thing
Cloudfactory Soundsystem - Ray's Swing

Senor Boomting - Stick Em All Over The World
Mr Bird - (We Got The) Soul Limbo
PulpFusion - Rolling In The Deep feat. Adele
Manmade - Supersonic feat. Penny
Danny Hybrid - I Feel Alright
Smoove - I'm A Man
Bombs - Spanky's Sunshine
Mashed Up Funk - Extra Ska
Przasnik - Get Bambaataa!
Rt. Hon Baron Spitswell - Outro




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