Written by Kim Wilson
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02 Sunday 02nd October 2011

We had been going through a musical block, a creative depression you might say. Everything else was fine, wives happy, children content but we just couldn’t find the energy for an album. We had been seriously procrastinating, doing anything to avoid it, we even repaired and updated the studio. One day, our label manager came to us and said another album was due so we just had to get our shit together and go for it!

Gernot and I are really different, we are like ying and yang. I like to work late at night for several hours whilst Gernot is more ongoing. So we first had to find the right groove to really work 100% together as we finally did. We used to work on tracks separately and then just go into the studio to finish things up, but this time we did everything together, from the beginning to the end.



Do you find albums hard? It took 13 years to make your first...

When we met in 1992, I already had most of my equipment, such as my A08s and was in the process of developing my studio. Gernot was a few years younger and obsessed with technology, initially we made dub-esque beats but we began to DJ together for audiences and so our sound was born. It wasn’t until 1998 that we played as Modeselektor. The name suggests that we can switch between sounds, select our mode and genre. Modeselektor is Modeselektor.

What influences your sound?

My awakening came in early 90s electronic music, especially tunes from the UK. I was also into German techno and 80s hip-hop. I think it was Pete Tong, or maybe Tim Westwood that used to do a radio show for the German army and I remember listening to it religiously every Friday.

And, you’ve just done the Essential Mix for Radio One?

Yes, it is two hours long, 28 tracks. Some from Monkeytown, some remixes of Radiohead. Some old Berlin rave techno tracks. They are probably uploading it as we speak.

It amazes me that you also presented Rinse FM for a few hours. Your BLOC stage was epic.

That was when we really started production on the album, around March. BLOC was really great, great venue, great audience! And yeah, we always like to do some radio sets whenever we have the time. We are buddies with the guys at RINSE, so we try to come by everytime we are in town.

Do you have a favourite album track?

‘Shipwreck’. But actually I like every track, really, I remember driving around Monkeytown in West Virginia, USA listening to the album, we drove in silence, it was so memorable.

What other albums do you like?

Zomby - Dedication

Who would you like to work with next?

We’ve loved working with Thom Yorke, in fact we have really liked working with all the artists on the album. We don’t know what the future holds. At our live shows we will be playing all our tracks, new material and unre;eased material. And we'll formed a kind of Techno super boyband called A.T.O.L. (Marcel Dettmann, Shed and Modeselektor) and we really want to do an album together!

Do you have a favourite live show?

The open-air festival in Montreal called Igloo is incredible. 

And Melt? 

Yes, thanks for reminding me, the two festivals are the exact opposite but we like every city, those two are the extremes. We really liked Scotland, especially Glasgow, we have some good memories, in many ways Glasgow is similar to Berlin.


And finally, if you could have written any tune what would it be? I’d happily put my name to Kill Bill Vol. 4.

Blue Monday – New Order

That's a popular choice. Anything we need to know about the tour?

The European tour starts next week, we’ll be in London at the Forum on October 7 with Siriurismo. We are still planning the world tour but that begins in Spring next year.


Catch the boys at the HMV forum, Kentish Town, this Friday with Boy 8 Bit, Siriusmo and Cooly G. More to be found at

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