Modeselektor Q&A


Written by Mike Cridland
03 Friday 03rd October 2014

Currently we are in the studio with Sascha (Apparat) to record new music for Moderat. The day starts at 10 or 11 but often we are in the office beforehand to discuss things concerning the label.

What was the inspiration to launch another series of Modeselektion nights in Europe?

Well, the same inspiration that's driving us forever: to create a colourful evening with our artist friends, relaxed yet danceable as possible.

What was your initial reaction when Ellen Alien signed to your Bpitch all those years ago?

That was way back. Coincidentally our studio and the Bpitch office were in the same building. So it was just a matter of time releasing a record on Ellen's label.

Well, at least it was kinda like that...

& Did you ever envision reaching the level of critical acclaim you are known for these days?

Haha... of course not...

Can you give us the best film(s) you have watched recently?

Films? Didn't watch anything special. But there's a great concert played by Nina Simone at the Montreaux Jazz Festival from 1979. It's like a good movie – we strongly recommend that.

Best book/comic?

Low Fidelity: Hans E. Plattes Briefe gegen den Mainstream

If you had to live in any other era, which would you choose and why?

Frankly, I would like to live in a truly unconventional country. It doesn't have to be North Korea but a country one wouldn't think of as a happy European. Maybe Morocco, Georgia, Mexico? Only an airport served by the Lufthansa is necessary.

What made you change your name from Fundamental Knowledge to Modeselektor?

Whow, somebody dug a little deeper here... Well Fundamental Knowledge was a pretty open project by Szary. Anybody interested could get in and out. Eventually I got in and it wasn't so open anymore. We had to give a new name to the whole thing and so Modeselektor was born. At this time we were making music in Szary's backyard shack.

DJing can mean a lot of travelling, late nights and an irregular sleeping pattern, how do you unwind and relax?

We get along fine with travelling. You learn to sleep under the most unusual circumstances. We never toured excessively, drank little and left out the other stuff. The 90s Techno underground in Berlin was the time when we did all that.

What is your favourite bit of kit you own?

A Moog filter from the 70s given to us by Mark Ernestus, a studio buddy we don't want to miss. Furthermore the members of the classic Roland drum machine family.

What was your favourite cartoon/tv show growing up?


Where is your favourite place to party in the world?

On stage.

What advice would you give to any young experimental producers?

Don't get too heavy headed. Quick decisions in the studio. Not too much work on details. If you're the proud owner of an analogue modular synthesizer don't expect it to give you ideas. That almost never happens. Send us your music!

Have you two ever fallen out, or have any memorable arguments to write home about?

Not really... We have such a lame Techno marriage. Unbelievable.

Who are your heroes?

Bud Spencer and Afx

Club Mate or Red Bull?

Red Bull of course.

Favourite places to eat in Berlin, any tips for our readers?

Well, you can find really good streetfood in Kreuzberg at Spreewaldplatz. There's an arabic restaurant which is a big hit.

If you like superb wines and delicious food then try Córdobar in Mitte.

What else can we expect from Modeselektor in 2014?

As I said, we are in the studio with Moderat and we will play some Modeselektor shows in Europe.

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