Written by James Read
02 Sunday 02nd October 2011


How have things changed since your last album, Galaxy of Nowhere?

I have fewer free weekends! Also I was able to create my label so it's easier to realise every project, I'm involving myself into larger projects than just my own music, with our party residency at Rex Club and the releases of other artists.

What's your process of creating a track ?

I wake up with an idea, start my computer, wait for 20 minutes for it to boot, go on the internet, and 2 hours later I'm beginning and keep up the whole day till it gets done. More or less.

What do you miss the most about being at home while you're on tour ?

Sometimes not being able to do music. My girlfriend obviously!

When you're not making music or playing gigs, what's a perfect day off?

Something simple - be with my girl, watch series with friends, go buy some CD or comics in the neighborhood.

The album's pretty dark and gothic, which isn't the usual mood for electro. I mean, you start of with what sounds like Gregorian monks chanting. It's almost more like EBM. What set you in that direction?

What led me to this direction is what I was listening to during the making of the album, but then what brought me to listen to black metal or sludge. Maybe some repressed feelings I had that the music allows to come up to the front.

If you set Rising Doom as the soundtrack to any film, what would it be?

Probably something in between of Blade Runner, Stalker & Alien!

05 Moon's Throat by Mondkopf

Mondkopf's new album Rising Doom is out today. For more info, visit

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