Nail the Cross 2010


22 Monday 22nd November 2010

Tucked away in a back street near Peckham Rye Station, stands the Bussey Building. This poor little abandoned warehouse has been a favourite venue for the recent wave of warehouse raves every hipster and Vince Noir wannabe has to be at. With an entrance on an alleyway you’d usually avoid for fear of penis attack, exposed brickwork and broken windows, it’s the perfect place for the generation that fears the norm.

This weekend, Saturday November 27, the building will play host once again to DJs, bands and an audience of 20-something year olds who work in media. However, instead of being a bubbling cauldron of debauchery and inevitable police brutality, Saturday is going to be the third annual Nail The Cross Festival.
Previous artists including The XX, These New Puritans and Benga, this single night festival promises to provide sets from the latest, upcoming artists that say 'fuck you' to the zeitgeist. From 8pm-3am there will be two floors of live and pre-recorded music, art installations and people dancing their tits off.
Artists on the line-up this year include Becoming Real, the London-inspired ‘ghost-step’ electronic artist who we’ve been going crazy over. Also playing a live set are Darkstar, a dubstep duo with a sound that’s been compared to Massive Attack, but with more drive. Also catch the hypnotic D/R/U/G/S, who remix anything they can get their hands on into a kaleidoscope of sound.
The night is a team effort, hosted by record label No Pain In Pop and 580 Ltd. There will also be art installations from the Take Courage Gallery, who've been involved with such events as Stag and Dagger and Field Day.
With tickets a mere eight quid a pop and nestling nicely between Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning there's no excuse not to head down and soak up a bit of culture this weekend. It's another London-based celebration of new musical talent, and we're not getting bored any time soon.


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