Nate Goodman: Electric Sheikh


Written by Josh Morris
09 Tuesday 09th April 2013


Easter Mix 2013 (The 'It's still snowing, Yeah?' Mix) by Nathan W Goodman on Mixcloud



Nathan Goodman

DJ Name:

Nate Goodman



Country of Origin:


Genre/s of mix:

House, Hip-hop, Funk, Soul, Bass.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what makes you different?

Deez Nuts. 

How did you get into becoming a DJ?

Someone asked me to fill in for them so they didn't lose their residency at a London club (they didn’t tell anyone at the venue they were going on holiday). They also got paid for the set I played.

Name one track you couldn’t live without.

Blackalicious - Alphabet aerobics

Who do you think is making the most impact on the music scene at the moment?

Friend Within is doing it right at the moment, everyone is loving his shit. He has the right amount of nostalgia with his great production technique.

Non-interesting fact alert: Someone told me the ‘Friend’ part of the name was taken from a cat that just to came into his back garden who he decided to name. 

What is your most memorable DJ experience?

I loved chilled out time in Electric Social with a bucket full of ice and beers behind me, everyone loving the set so much including the promoters that they stopped the next DJ from coming on and told me to keep going. He hates me now, not sure of his name though.

What’s your most embarrassing moment ?

2nd or 3rd set I had to ask a female DJ who had just played why I couldn’t hear anything in my headphones. The Cue button wasn’t on. All of my mates we in the DJ booth behind me, they haven't ever let me live it down.

Wotsits or Quavers?

Both – eat them with chopsticks though, so you don’t get that dust on your fingers. Top tip for you there.

Marmite or Vegemite?

As hairgel. Yeah go on then, I’ll try anything once.

Smirnoff Ice or Lambrini?

Again both – straw up each nostril.

If you could choose a celebrity wife, who would it be?

That really hot pole jumper, Alison something, I suppose she isn’t much of a celebrity as I don’t remember her name but I still choose her. 

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