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New All Roads Label from K-AZE AKA Lemon D


Written by Lorna Smith
04 Friday 04th April 2014

After taking a break from DnB for 5 years, and working on music influenced by various genres under the name of K-AZE, aswell as taking part in various different artistic ventures, he returns with a label primarily focused on "sonic energy" or "VIBES"! With influences including, but not exclusively limited to, footwork, jungle, house, garage, RnB and beyond, the label seems aimed at bringing uptempo music back to it's soulful, energetic grass roots, with more stylistic freedom than genre stereotypes allow. An already healthy forthcoming release schedule includes a collaboration between K-AZE and newcomer from Birmingham, Shawn T, heavily influeced by footwork, jungle and RnB, and due out this Sunday (6th April) plus releases scheduled from DJ Earl of the Chicago Footwork scene, besdes Heavee. Also on the way is an EP with DJ Tre, another member of the Chicago Footwork collective Teklife, that includes DJ Rashad of Planet Mu and Hyperdub fame, plus a multi artist compilation in the 160bpm/footwork vein due for release early summer.

K-AZE himself has also released two tracks "Future Primitives" and "Warrior Groove" on Bristol legend DJ Die's Gutterfunk imprint last Sunday, featuring a unique UK take on the frenetic and pacey footwork sound, influenced by UK soundsystem scenes such as jungle and argueably the sparcity and bass heavy aesthetic of dubstep.


Their launch party in London this weekend, staying true to their grass roots leaning, is in an intimate warehouse location, in which only 100 of the 350 capacity are released as public tickets. The lucky few to grab these will find Kevin King beefing up the venue's bass with Valve system bass cabs for an all star lineup, featuring Om Unit, DJ Earl, K-AZE himself alongside Shawn T, N-Type, Bailey, the "Gutterfunk Experience" and the mysterious Mr VLV..among others.

Bristol's Inflect got together with Kevin to discuss All Roads, grass roots music, drum n bass today, his Gutterfunk release, working creatively and more. Read the full interview including track previews, here.



Interview via Inflect:

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Hear the first release from Shawn T and some of the next EP by DJ Earl & Heavee here:

or here:


Tickets for launch night:

FB event page for launch:


K-AZE Twitter:


Gutterfunk 008 (Released 30/3/14):-

K-AZE - Future Primitives:

K-AZE - Warrior Groove:



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