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Nike celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of London


Written by Don't Panic
09 Friday 09th February 2018

Endlessly enterprising and fiercely competitive, young Londoners shape sport and culture in the metropolis around them. In “Nothing Beats a Londoner” these hungry, resourceful and confident youngsters take us on a whistle-stop tour of their city – with the help of cameos from some of the Londoners they look up to, even as they strive to one-up them with their own sporting achievements.


Shot on the streets of the capital – in the very neighbourhoods that will produce the next Skepta, Dina Asher-Smith or Harry Kane – areas such as Dalston, Peckham and Brixton provide a vivid backdrop for the joyful bravado, passion for sport and unique London spirit that unites each of the 258 real-life young Londoners who appear in the film.


The side of London explored in “Nothing Beats a Londoner” illustrates how, for the next generation, an urban environment is a playground, a canvas for creativity, self-expression and movement. Nike London is committed to making this playground even better for young people in the city, creating unique inspirational experiences that help them unlock their potential through the power of sport.


This coming half-term week, Nike London is working harder than ever to live up to this commitment. Between the Friday 9th and Sunday 18th February, Nike is turning the school holidays into a celebration of sports.


Over 75 Nike-sponsored professional athletes – including Ellie Downie, Chijindu Ujah and Leah Williamson – will be sent into communities to interact with and inspire hundreds of young Londoners, 270 sports venues across the city will be unlocked, over 2500 people will have the opportunity to attend Nike- programmed sporting and cultural events, including at community centres across the city who will be revealing Nike-funded refurb projects that enhance grassroots sport in London’s boroughs.


Ultimately it’s Londoners themselves, whether native or adopted by the city, that make London the vibrant, globally influential and creative hub that is igniting a new generation of expressive talent – so here’s what some of the stars of “Nothing Beats a Londoner” had to say about the city that they’re shaping.



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