13 Monday 13th September 2010


“Shut up Bow Wow, we know you, we’ve watched you your whole life. ‘Did it’ for your ‘hood’, what ‘hood’ you from nigga? You from television! Television is your hood, you from channel BET!” Ninjasonik are three Brooklyn natives who don’t take any shit, their music and personalities are infectious while their live sets inject the party like the hardest steroids in town.
“All I see are Caucasians” states Telli Gramz, the rap element of Ninjasonik, as we’re in Central Park, “let’s see if we can find some more ‘ethnics’!” We sat down with all three members to chat about music, nightmares and more music!
What do you guys enjoy about performing?
Telli Gramz: I love doing my pelvic thrusts when I perform, it’s awesome, and taking my shirt off.
Reverend McFly: I like putting my hand up in the air and feeling like Morrissey, while chicks ever so gently kiss my cheek.
TG: I like that too.
DJ Teenwolf: I like to hear the music loud and the hot babes.
TG: It’s like a thrill, it’s an adrenaline rush, you get some kind of power from saying, “Yo make some noise!” the crowd feel you.
DJTW: There’s like a unity for 45 minutes of an hour.
RM: It’s like a big party.
TG: Yeah, the unity and energy is crazy.
What records are stuck in your head right now?
TG: Prettyboy Swag by Soulja Boy.
DJTW: Get Outta Your Mind, that Lil’ Jon track.
TG: I’ve been listening to a lot of La Roux recently; something about her voice just makes me... wanna do something to somebody.
Where were you guys 24 hours ago?
TG: At BBQs gettin’ faded out with Rufio.
RM: I was playing drums.
Old Lady: Excuse me, which is the way out to the street?
DJTW: That way (points to one direction) and that way (points to other direction).
Old Lady: Thank you.
All: You’re welcome.
DJTW: Ninjasonik, we’re here for the community and the old ladies.
Would you guys want to be able to fly or be invisible?
RM: Invisible, definitely.
TG: I wanna fly man. If you were invisible you’d be some creepy nigga when you’re invisible. Why’d you wanna be invisible man? So you could steal and watch people get naked?
RM: Nah son, it’s hard enough. I can fly anyway.
TG: I can’t nigga. I want to fly. I would sacrifice someone else’s life to fly right now.
Who’s the main character in your most frequent nightmare?
DJTW: I don’t really dream.
RM: I don’t have nightmares.
TG: Mine’s usually me and my shortcomings.
DJTW: Mine’s always envisions of what I’m gonna do in my life.
What bands are you guys into right now?
DJTW: I’m feelin’ Ninjasonik.
TG: I’m on my Death Set shit right now.
RM: Lightning Bolt.
TG: Sleigh Bells are pretty dope.
DJTW: I really like Die Antwoord, they killed it man, and they’ve got some weird, hypnotic, sexy shit going on. I was in a daze.
What’s your motivation behind making music?
TG: If it aint fun, it aint gettin’ done nigga!
RM: We started making music because we love it so we’re gonna continue making this music because we love it and can’t stop loving it.
TG: Yeah man it’s music, that was a stupid question.
Yeah, pretty stupid, so what’s the plan for new music?
TG: Who knows man, our life is inspired by our life so whatever we go through inspires the next song.
RM: We’re basically writing timelines that are capturing our lives.
How have you guys changed since 2007?
DJTW: We just kept evolving.
TG: YO, IT’S NOT 2007?!
DJTW: We went from house party chants or songs that you’d just DJ out to having serious lyrics on songs that compliment what the song is supposed to be about. It’s all good.


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  • Guest: ricky
    Tue 14 - Sep - 2010, 18:57
    Godd luck guys, I like your character. See you soon..