'No One Knows Your Vision Better Than You': Meet London MC Knucks


Written by Gabriel Mathews
20 Thursday 20th October 2016

London rapper Knucks is part of a new breed of musicians who dispel old boundaries between genres to creative innovative, banging tunes, in his case a mish-mash of jazz, soul and trap. We're not alone in our estimation, as creative hotbed Radar Radio recently invited Knucks onto their Voice Of The Street show with Kenny Allstar. We caught up with him to discuss film influences, growing bored of fashion houses and cooking curry...

Knucks, how are you?

I'm all good

Wicked. It would be good for some of our readers to get a better idea of who you are. Obviously ‘21 Candles’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ have gained you a lot of popularity recently, but what else should people know about you and your music? Anything else other than your music?

I try to do everything involving my music by myself, from the production to the artwork. I feel no one knows your vision better than you do, so I like to be involved in the creative process from start to finish. That way I know I’ll always be happy with it and it will properly reflect me as a person.

Your music combines a few genres that wouldn't neccessarily spring to mind as natural pairings, what do you call the sound you go for?

Just a combination of jazz/soul and trap, the old against the new.

Nice, there’s definitely a clear representation of that in your video for ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, walk us through the creative direction for that?

I decided that I wanted to make the video visually reminiscent of scenes from the film starring Audrey Hepburn. I brought my ideas to Dir. Lx and we just worked on ways to make it happen. I found the model and styled the outfit she would wear with the film in mind, then me and Lx sat down and picked out some locations that we thought would suit the theme I was looking for.

It definitely comes through. I'm sure you've met some big names so far following your recent success but it’s always interesting to see who's you're proudest of meeting/working with?

Blade Brown, for sure, because I grew up listening to him and have always respected his legacy.

What you listening to at the moment?

MF Doom, Rachelle Ferrell and Quentin Miller

Having worked with Blade Brown who's the next one you would want to work with if you could?

I'd love to work with Sade, she's my favourite vocalist and she's influenced my style and a lot of my music

Is there anyone you're working with at the moment?

As I said, I'm working with Blade Brown and I've got some stuff in the works with Wizzy Wow also.

There's a lot of cool stuff coming to our screens right now, so what you watching?

All the shows I've been watching I'm up to date with and awaiting the next series, but I've just finished watching Narcos, I've finished Power, The Get Down and How to Get Away with Murder. But I think the series I'm anticipating the most is Game of Thrones haha, I mess with that heavy

You impress people with your tunes but you've got to wow someone with food; what are you going to cook for them? 

I like to make curries for people when they visit me, like korma or tikka masala - partly because I enjoy cooking and eating them, and partly because I've just learnt how to cook basmati rice without it turning into porridge haha.

Aside from a step by step recipe of how to cook basmati rice, what else is in your pockets at the moment?

Oyster, tin of Vaseline and wallet

Supreme or Palace? Versace or Gucci? Just old garms lying around the house (maybe some hidden gems?) or... don't give a shit?

Supreme, if I have to pick between Gucci and Versace then I’d go with Gucci - even though I rarely wear either. I’m beginning to veer off big designer brands nowadays, they just don't have the same appeal to me as they did before.

And finally- what can we expect from you in the future?

A lot more music. I've got a new single that should be dropping in a couple weeks and a project in the works for next year. I'm also planning a small headline show early next year, just to show my appreciation for all the love and support I've been receiving.

We will definitely be in attendance for that one, see you then. Thanks!

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