Opening The Magic Door


26 Tuesday 26th July 2016

The enchanting Magic Door returns to Birmingham on Friday 29th July for a night spent in Lab 11 - the venue is a raw brick warehouse space located in the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter.


A three month break from Birmingham’s music scene has been spent showcasing at a select few festivals – namely Lunar where they took over the Crow Bar as well as playing host to a Love International boat party on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

As their only show this summer, this is not one to be missed. They return with new 2016 resident Maxxi Soundsystem as well as Jukes of Hazard, Deanno Ferrino and a secret special guest to be revealed on the night.

Jukes of Hazard have just created a brand new mix from Love International, which you can listen to below:

The added mystery of a special guest is another clever element which puts the mystic in Magic Door’s events. There is a large focus on creative production and presenting a unique party environment - expect glitter, wigs, capes, general ridiculousness, with a vast array of costume-based paraphernalia. Combine this with Magic Door’s signature disco-techno sound, enjoyed by a truly welcoming crowd - pretty much guarantees a memorable night worth attending.

For full details and tickets head to:

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