Osunlade At SunSplash


Written by Trance Armstrong
28 Wednesday 28th May 2014
Embracing all the natural beauty of the Turkish Mediterranean, SunSplash’s stunning new home of Aspat Beach truly reflects the ethos of the gestival and it’s festivalgoers. Nestled inside a private bay, the new site features a huge private palm fringed beach, a tropical style beach bar, a natural creek shaded by enormous eucalyptus trees, beach bungalow accommodation, historic ruins guarded by the noble Aspat Mountain, the top of which extends stunning views across the Turkish Mediterranean and the festival site itself. With extensive gardens, open spaces, sea breeze, wind sports, yoga zone, outdoor workshops and more. Aspat beach is the perfect venue!
Once again, SunSplash Festival brings together a wonderful discerning selection of artists and tastemakers from around the world who are all, in their own way, at the forefront of international dance music culture. The festival delights in presenting a sunny, soulful music policy that reaches the eclectic depths and diverse corners of dance music from our soul, jazz and disco heritage to contemporary classics and cutting edge electronica.
Appearing for the first time this year, Osunlade is an artist who personifies art. His music as well as his being creates unified melodies manifested with balance, life and wisdom. Osunlade hails from St. Louis, Missouri; a place known for pioneering jazz and blues through innovative artists like Miles Davis. If you're not familiar with his music, you'd do well to familiarise yourself:

We spoke to Osunlade in the run up to the big day:
I’d like to start off by finding out a little bit about your name. Could you enlighten us on its etymology and how it relates to you?
The name derives from the orisha Ochun (the goddess of the river) who governs love, the arts and such. The closest translation is “ochun has the glory” or "the crown of ochun”.
Are you inherently spiritual? Did you inherit your sense of spirituality from your parents in St Louis or did you develop it with age?
I am inherently spiritual or at least at an early age was curious about other wordily existences. However, this has developed more clear with age.
Your label, Yoruba Records, refers to traditional spiritual and religious practices. How does your spirituality inform your approach to production and the output of your label?
The production and output on the label’s association and approach to Yoruba has been in reverence of song mostly, however the principle of family and/or tribe is definitely important in the vibrations of what songs are selected to chosen for release. They all have to be sincere and an honest approach from the creators intent which I believe comes from a higher place within ourselves.
As well as music, you are interested in pursuing other art forms. We heard about a collaborative project in which you created art with fire. Could you tell us why you chose to adopt the process and explain some of the techniques used?
This process was one I discovered and chose to use for my Pyrography album. It's a traditional form of art from the bush and native people of Australia. the artist I commissioned to do the work was a master Scott Marr. You can see his work and process here: http://www.scottmarr.com.au

And finally, your physical appearance is striking particularly your facial jewellery. Have you ever had any jewellery related mishaps whilst performing?
Fortunately i have not, i have however had an ear plug pop out during a long hug from a friend :)
SunSplash takes place Sunday 1st June – Sunday 8th June
TICKETS: Week pass £160 // Day pass £35/£25 + accom & fights
Week pass & half board packages from £240 + flights

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