At home & on the road: Pan-Pot


Written by James Ratcliffe
27 Thursday 27th February 2014

When Thomas and Tassilo are not in the studio writing original material or remixing tracks for countless artists, the forward thinking techno duo can be found traveling the globe at an unceasing rate. Their back to back DJ sets reflect their incredible understanding of the crowd they perform to and the music they play, unconstrained by any boundaries as they effortlessly transition between techno, house and everything in between.

We can't wait for their UK performance in London for LWE on the 15h March. They are keeping the venue under wraps for now, but we can be assured, with Pan-Pot headlining, it's set to be an unmissable party.  

Martyn - Suburbia 
Thomas: One of the best Dubstep tracks, that I know.

Love Nation - Carlo Lio
Thomas: My favorite tune at the moment.

Seba - Snow
Thomas: This reminds me of Burning Man because I was listening to it a lot when I was there. Just the title does not really fit.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Der Buhold
Thomas: One of my favourite music videos and the track is amazing—good old days!

Little Rays - Echaskech
Thomas: When I getting in relax- and chill-mode I always start with this track.

Rodriguez - I'll slip away (Coming from Reality album)
Tassilo: I listen to this song all the time on the plane. One of the best songs ever written.

Pearl Jam - i Am Mine (Riot Act Album) 
Tassilo: Pearl Jam was always one of ma favorite bands, especially ‘Alive’ is a great song. This new song form the Riot Act album catches me a lot. 

Motörhead - Bomber (Performed by Girlschool)  
Tassilo: I love Motörhead and this version of Bomber performed by Girlschool is so good. You're used to Lemmys bad-ass voice and then you hear this song with a woman’s voice.

Luciano Pavarotti - Nessun Dorma   
Tassilo: That’s the real stuff.

Alan Fitzpatrick - Confessions of a wanted Man ( Benjamin Damage Remix)  
Tassilo: My favorite techno track at the moment.

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