03 Sunday 03rd April 2011

Where does the name 'Phantogram' come from?

A phantogram is a 2D optical illusion when viewed in a certain way, appearing three dimensional. When we were thinking of band names, we thought Phantogram would be a perfect band name for us, being a two piece band creating a large, stereophonic sound. Also, we thought that Phantogram sounded like a message from a ghost or another dimension.

You've just been catapulted to fame in the US, how does that feel?

We don't have paparazzi chasing us around. It feels good that we are building in a natural way as a band, and gaining more fans everyday.

What are you listening to these days?

The Delfonics, Tobacco, James Blake, Mogwai, Sacred Spirits, Why?, Deerhunter, The Beatles, David Bowie, J Dilla, Silver Apples...

Where do you imagine your fans listening to your album?

Driving at night with the music loud.

Any plans to tour the UK?

Yes, hopefully very very soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for UK tour dates at and

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