28 Monday 28th March 2011

How did Polock start?

Valencia is a little town from Spain, where there aren't really so many bands in the same style. So it's easy to know bands and people from your own town. We just tried together, and it seemed to work out great. We were comfortable with each other, and that's the main reason to stick together.

Where does your name come from?

From the painter. But without an L, because it was a difficult word to pronounce in Spanish, and this was in a time when we were a little band and couldn't imagine touring internationally.

What was the US tour like?

It has been very special because it's our first time in our life that we've visited the States, and we were touring in some really fantastic places with great bands. It has been much more than we could have imagined, and the crowd was great. Definitely we are very happy about it. And we will come back soon.

Like Phoenix (who you're often compared to), your songs are in English. When you're writing, do your lyrics start out in English, or do they change later on?

The lyrics for us is the complete last thing. We work as hard as possible in the cake and then we fill it up of sense. [Ed - I have no idea] We do make the melodies from the beginning but we can't say which direction is going to take a song before we finish it. But we do make them in English from the beginning. Spanish doesn't make sense for our music. The language for rock music for us is English and it's got nothing to do from where someone is. It's like German composers making operas in Italian, because Italian was the language for opera. We don't say it's a bad thing to take it to your field, but it doesn't come out like that for us, and it's the best way to get to as many people as possible.

What are you all listening to these days?

Many bands. It's a great moment for music. I'd say right now, Ariel Pink, James Blake, and Balthazar, for example.

I've read that you describe your sound as 'fresh rock', what does that mean?

It's the name that reviews have put to describe our music, after so much reading it, we think it really has sense for the music we do. It's kind of pop rock with a sunny feeling in the arrangements. We like that, so we stay with it.

When can we next see you in the UK?

We are about to confirm the UK and rest of the European tour. The response in the UK is great, so we can't wait to go there. This will be happening in May probably, so stay tuned!

You can follow the band's blog for news and photos at polockband.blogspot.com.

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