Porcelain Raft


Written by Jarrad A Young
Photos and illustrations by Jennifer Medina
23 Monday 23rd January 2012

But this isn’t Mauro’s maiden voyage – he was previously in a band, Sunny Days Set Fire, and has worked with Filthy Dukes. The Porcelain Raft EP Gone Blind indicated that Strange Weekend would be well received, and lo, it is good. Jarrad spoke briefly with a somewhat cautious Mauro.

Why HypeMachine? Why stream for free online? And why the pre-release date?

Why not...I just couldn't wait to share the album and that platform was up for it.

What're your hopes for Strange Weekend and the tour? Where would you like to see yourself playing this summer?

I would definitely love to play some festivals - that could be so much fun. Then I see myself recording the next record.

Judging by your previous ventures and involvements; do you think having your fingers in many pies allows for you to experiment with varying projects?

I honestly think I'm not experimenting; it's more having a vision that becomes clearer every project. I'm not looking to find anything I didn't see already.

Playing alone and not in a band helps me to be more direct and faster in reaching what I see.

What has the M83 tour been like? How would you describe the subtle nuances and differing idiosyncrasies in the music between Porcelain Raft and M83?

The tour is been pretty good so far, people coming earlier to the venue to check out my set, that's the best feeling. 

M83’s music is its own and likewise mine is mine. They come from different places. If I was a music journalist I'm sure I would be able to describe the differences.

Any notable influences we should look out for in Porcelain Raft's sound? Past or present; biggest influences?

I think the soundtrack Phantom of the Paradise by Paul Williams is my biggest influence in music.

Any favourite recording studio gadgets you deem essential to your sound and/or interests.

Space echo o o o o o

In a word, describe how your live performances make you feel.



Porcelain Raft’s debut album Strange Weekend is available through Secretly Canadian on the 23rd January 2012. You can stream it from HypeMachine.

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