Preview - Wilderness Festival


Written by Sam Kirby
01 Friday 01st August 2014

Attending festivals these days often involves sacrificing part of your human dignity. You cram yourself into a seemingly endless crowd, in knee deep mud, listening to music you can’t see in the pissing rain. Not to mention the fact you’re required to shit in oversized, chemical filled plastic boxes and eat overpriced colon-clogging burgers from crappy vans.

If that doesn’t sound like your cup of organic, hand-picked, lapsang souchong, then maybe you should give Wilderness a try. Granted, they still have portaloos. But with a modest crowd of 30,000 they also have lots of space. Set in the breathtaking Cornbury Park, in Oxfordshire, the site boasts soft green grass, deer roaming the surrounding woods, and a freshwater lake to swim in. 

But what really makes Wilderness different is the food. There are culinary offerings from chefs such as Angela Hartnett, Simon Rogan, and Russell Norman (of Polpo fame), in the festival’s banquets. And if you’re not lucky/rich enough to get your hands on tickets for those, there will also be food truck favourites on site, including Ambriento, French and Grace, and Spit and Roast, to name just a few.

For those who think less with their stomachs (or like to dance after they’ve eaten), there’s also music from Metronomy, legendary old time crooner Burt Bacharach, London Grammar, Jessie Ware and others, plus a whole area dedicated to late night revelry, which includes a roller disco.

Yes it’s one of the most middle class sounding festivals out there, but who cares. Go along and stuff your face. And once you’re finished, there’s an on-site spa so you can sweat it out while your food digests.

Wilderness Festival takes place from August 7th – 11th. There are still tickets left, but not for long.

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