Pull In Emergency


Written by Johny Chhetri
06 Monday 06th September 2010

Pull In Emergency released their debut album last Monday, let’s just say it makes me miss the sun, with the track ‘Planes’ being one of the main catalysts for springing such emotions. Coming out of the burgeoning All Age Concerts scene that spawned bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, Video Nasties and Fear of Flying to name but a few, Pull In Emergency are one of the few bands who have actually stuck together after the scene dissolved (with the latter two of the aforementioned bands no longer together).

Don’t Panic were privileged enough to encounter the London based five-piece at the 1234 Shoreditch festival a while back and had a chat with them whilst they sat down on what seemed to be a comfortable cardboard sofa (which gave me a nasty gash on my arm!).
How old are you guys?
Alice Costelloe: Everyone’s 17.
Frankie Bowmaker: 19.
What was the last All Age Concert you guys played?
Dylan Williams: Like, too long ago! Why wouldn’t they book us?!
Well, All Age Concerts are dead now.
DW: To be honest, that whole scene was fucking lame!
AC: It wasn’t though!
DW: No it wasn’t lame, it was good...
Badly organised?
DW: Badly organised, always a two-hour queue outside, always people getting beaten up.
FB: But we loved it while it was happening.
DW: But we loved it because it had the energy of the youth!
Suneet Chohan: So when it was going on and at its prime, that’s when it was the best. It was really good until it died out.
Have you noticed how other bands from the scene like Bono Must Die and Fear of Flying have turned into darker-sounding bands?
AC: It’s not so much darkness, it’s just that they want commercial success and so they just reinvented themselves in a way that they know will sell. I get it though, I get it. If you’re not selling any music and making any money I can see why you’d think “OK I’m gonna rethink this and work out how I can make some (air quotes) munz.”
OK, here are some general questions! Who are you and what do you do Pull In Emergency?
AC: I’m Alice, I play guitar.
Faith Barker: I’m Faith, I’m the lead singer.
SC: I’m Sonny and I play the drums.
DW: I’m Dylan I play bass.
FB: I’m Frankie, I play guitar.
DW: Lead guitar!
FB: (jazzily) Or the axe...
How did you guys form?
DW: Basically, me and Faith were in a band that was really shit. She played bass and I sang.
Faith: When you were 11.
DW: When we were 9/10/11.
What were you called?
DW: We were called The Socks.
Faith and Alice: (giggling/laughing)
DW: Don’t laugh.
I’m not laughing!
FB: With an ‘x’! (Which would make them ‘The Sox’)
DW: Then we thought, “This band’s a bit shit, let’s start a new one.” so we started a new one and, basically, Faith knew Alice through school friends, I kind of knew Alice already, Suneet was from my school. We had four manz; we trained up Suneet to make him good because he was a bit shit.
SC: No I was always a sick drummer! They had another drummer that they kicked out for me.
DW: Then Alice and Faith met Alex on Primrose Hill at a party and we were like “Fuck it, let’s start a band.”
Faith: We sang him an a cappella version of our first song and he was just so entranced and drunk at the time that he agreed to be in the band.
Did he start crying?
Faith: Almost, there were tears in his eyes.
Bloody hell, (to Frankie) did you actually start crying?
FB: I almost started crying...
DW: You started crying...
FB: You weren’t there.
DW: He got his tissues out was wiping his eyes!
FB: What really happened is Dylan’s mum locked him in his bedroom at nine o’clock at night cos he was 12 years old.
DW: Actually, he was there on Primrose Hill and started shitting cos he was so emotional and basically he fell over crying!
I feel like I’m gonna be the reason why you guys split up!
AC: I just can’t stop looking at your t-shirt, I’m so distracted!
(I was wearing a t-shirt with a dog on it, two dogs actually)
What was the first record you bought?
Faith: The first record I ever bought was ‘Where is the Love’ by the Black Eyed Peas.
DW: (singing) Murder on the dance floor!
SC: The first record I ever bought was a lot cooler than any of these guys! I was 7 years old and the first record I ever bought was 2001 by Dr. Dre! It’s mainly because I grew up listening to a lot of hip-hop which developed into a more wide variety of music before I joined Pull In Emergency.
AC: I got Al Green’s Greatest Hits.
DW: (snoring)
Someone’s falling asleep, so let’s ask another question! What are you guys listening to at the moment?
AC: Weezer!
SC: Arcade Fire.
DW: Weezer, Ozma, who are this new band we just discovered. Weezer + Ozma equals...
SC: Arcade Fire.
DW: No, leave the Arcade Fire for a minute.
You guys should check out this new band called The Wombats. They’re gonna be huge!
All: (Reactions of pure disgust)
DW: Get out! Leave! Leave!
FB: The lead guitarist saw my guitar and he bought it after me! He came down to a Pull In Emergency gig, cos he’s a big fan, and saw me playing my flowery Telecaster and thought “I want one of those”. Then he bought it and put it in his video! Prick.
What do you girls think of that?
AC: I think, “She slapped me at the disco” “If this is an episode of Eastenders, then kill the director”...
DW: I bought Kill The Director on vinyl and I’m really embarrassed.
AC: Loser!
DW: And I’ve still got it at home.
FB: I really like The Smiths mainly.
Faith and Alice: No words from you! No words!
What’s your worst fashion crime?
Faith: I wore some gold leggings when we first played at Underage Club.
AC: We had a little fetish for Bono Must Die t-shirts. We thought they were really cool when we were about 13; me and Dylan had matching Bono Must Die t-shirts.
Faith: Alice tried to make us a fashion band, that didn’t work.
AC: I’ll admit to that.
Future plans?
SC: We plan to continue making music the way we’re doing it.
DW: This is what we plan to do right. You see Weezer right? Best band ever. For the second album, we’re basically gonna make a Weezer tribute album. We think that early-90s music is so underrated!
FB: The first time I had sex I listened to ‘Tired of Sex’ by Weezer!
The self-titled debut album is out now.


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