Pulled Apart By Horses


Written by Aaron Jolly
11 Monday 11th October 2010


Pulled Apart By Horses  are a powerhouse of post hardcore art punk noise, they have been bouncing around the scene for over two years now. Their self-titled debut album was released this year to critical acclaim. Their lead singer is influenced heavily by illustrator David Shrigley and they are touring all around England now so you should try and catch them on their way through. We spoke with the man himself James Brown, which is a very good name, sounds like some sort of soulful funky pimp to me. No idea why.
Would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is James Brown and I play the guitar and shout a lot.
How did you meet up and decide to start playing music?
We met after our old bands became defunct in Leeds and we were all thirsty for new blood.
What are you up to at the moment?
Today I’m waiting for my new guitar to arrive after destroying it like a willy at Leeds festival last weekend. Silly James. We're about to play with Muse in Manchester then we jet off on our UK tour.
Are you enjoying the festival season?
Yeah this year has been ace so far. We have a few more left and highlights have been our first show at Glastonbury and Leeds/Reading festival, which were all amazing!

How do you feel about the state of music at the moment, festivals and live shows being the main source of income as a band?
It is in a bit of a state industry wise but to be honest were all about playing shows and being creative. We didn’t start this band to become multi-millionaires. I try not to think about money too much as it can disillusion you quite badly.
I heard that your guitarist got his balls grabbed while crowd surfing, have you had any other interesting injuries while playing live?
That would be me and yes that’s true. It’s happened a few times now. I smashed the top of my knee of at a Bronx show, ended up bed ridden in hospital with a leg infection, split the top of my head open, etc, etc. I could go on all day if you like?
Have you become friendly with any other bands through touring?
Yeah I guess we have made some great friends over the years. Blood Red Shoes, Biffy Clyro, Future of the Left. I think people take a shine to our dizziness and ADHD.
What has your best gig been to date?
Reading festival this year. It was the Friday so everyone was pumped and ready for it. Great show, loads of energy from the crowd.
What is the music scene like in Leeds?
Thriving with talent and good people. It’s been like this for a few years now and its not dying down yet. Lots of like minded people make for a bustling scene here.
What bands should we look out for?
I’d be on the look out for Trash Talk, &U&I, Truckers of Husk, Sketches and Lone Wolf at the moment.
What bands influenced you?
Man, erm, quite a lot. But its not just bands that influence me. It’s comedians, films, artists and all sorts. To name a few I’d say The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Radiohead and Nirvana. David Shrigley heavily influences me creatively and in everyday life.
How did you find the process of making the album?
Quite painless and very creative. Half the album was written as we were in the studio which just made it really exciting. It was kind of like being back at art school throwing paint around everywhere.
Future plans?
Europe tour, new album (already, I know!), more UK touring and hopefully a little break!
Have you got any wise words for the mislead youth of today?
If you feel lost you can find your way by focusing on something that you truly love.


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