Q & A With Tom Ravenscroft


Written by Oscar Henson
21 Friday 21st November 2014


Hey Tom – what have you been up to this morning?

This morning I have been wandering around the new Studio to Stereo exhibition at Proud Gallery, checking out all the lovely photos here and listening to all the nice pieces of Sony High Res Audio equipment hanging off the walls… so essentially kind of listening and staring has been my morning, which is pretty nice.

Been to any good gigs recently?

I saw a band called Wharves and I also went and saw a band called Girl Band recently. To be honest, what I’ve actually been doing recently is missing loads of good gigs… I keep arranging to go to gigs and then not making it, so I’ve missed more good gigs then I’ve actually been to, I think. Which is quite depressing!

What about any good exhibitions?

Obviously, Sony’s Studio To Stereo exhibition here at Proud, which is probably actually the only exhibition I’ve been to in quite a while, so is certainly my favourite exhibition in the last 6 months. I’ve got a baby and they tend to cry in galleries, so for the sake of the good people of London I haven’t been to much recently… although I am going to see the Rembrandt exhibition this week and I’ve heard its rad.

Were you in any childhood bands?

I had lessons on trumpet, guitar and piano but I think me a few friends tried jamming once for about 20 minutes and quickly realised it was never going to happen and that’s the only time I’ve been close. I was also once in a travelling brass band playing the trumpet and I actually did a tour  of Germany, which I mimed for the entirety of.

If you could have written any track, what would it be?

That’s a huge question… maybe Shipbuilding by Robert Wyatt, that’d be nice, it’s one of those records that breaks your heart every time you hear it. Or anything by DARK DARK DARK.

What’s your favourite film soundtrack?

 That’s a great question… I love Badlands or The Man Who Wasn’t There…

What’s your earliest memory of a piece of music?

It’s probably the Bundy Boys or Four Brothers. Dad used to listen to lots of African music, particularly Zimbabwean music, very loudly in the house and it’s very uplifting. I think as a kid there were lots of grumpy bands playing all the time, so those moments with that very joyous and beautiful Zimbabwean music in the house was a welcome relief.

Who is your favourite BBC Radio presenter?

I can’t answer that! It changes continuously but I should probably say Steve Lamacq, as he’s the only one I ever see in person…

Which musicians, dead or alive, would you team up for a supergroup?

If I put a super group together they’d sound so terrible, I don’t think I can answer that.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?

I do listen to quite a bit of cheese actually… Feargal Sharkey’s 80s stuff.

Which album disappointed you most?

If I don’t particularly like a record or it doesn’t immediately catch me,  I don’t tend to go back to it so I don’t tend to remember the bad ones. I know it sounds ridiculous but I just don’t. I couldn’t name you one…

What are you going to do after this interview is finished? 

After this interview, I’m going to go and pick my son up from nursery and then I’ve actually got about three radios shows to get in before tomorrow afternoon, so I’m going to try and find a way of entertaining him and listening to records at the same time. Then I’ll go to the pub.

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