Q Awards


26 Tuesday 26th October 2010


Last night well known names from the world of music, television and comedy rolled up to the red carpet at the Grosvenor House in London for the annual Q Awards.
Top dog of the night turned out to be Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine, who was the only artist to go home with multiple golden Qs under her belt. Her single ‘You’ve Got the Love’ beat the likes of The XX and Mumford and Sons for the ‘Best Track’ award, and she triumphed over Lady Gaga and Corinne Bailey Rae for the title of ‘Best Female Artist’.
Other champions included Madness, who were presented with the Icon award, and Paul McCartney was awarded the ‘Classic Album’ award for his 1973 release Band On The Run, which he recorded with Wings. He announced that “this one’s for Linda” when he received the award. His late wife Linda McCartney was a member of the band when they recorded the album. When McCartney was introduced onto the stage he received an instant standing ovation.
Of course, there were faces splattered all through the ceremony that no-one wanted to see. Charlotte Church turned up two sizes bigger than she was yesterday in a nightmare outfit mixing chiffon, satin and the Wicked Witch of the West’s dressing gown. She’s getting fat again, yawn. Her yo-yoing scales episodes have been going on for too long. Choose a dress size woman! Stop sending Heat Magazine into a frenzy every time you decide to binge and/or purge.
Can someone answer me this, why is Fearne Cotton EVERYWHERE? What has she done to get so much screen time? I remember watching her on early morning television as a kid and hating her. If a pre-teen can see through her façade why can’t the television producers? She totters around on Primark-looking heels like a robot, with an awkward smile on her face because she’s trying to pretend she belongs. Desperately trying to get in with the next big band so she can finally nab a famous boyfriend because she’s so edgy and just so into music. I’ve never really seen her out with anyone either. Does she have any friends besides Reggie Yates? I doubt it. And word on the street is he ditched her at Koko the other night to hang out with Peaches Geldof, the devoid scientologist who somehow managed to make Fearne actually seem smart! What taste in women... Last night she presented Take That with the Hall of Fame award. Bless.


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  • Guest: reemslaw
    Thu 09 - Dec - 2010, 15:53
    I agree fearne cotton is a fake media whore.
  • Guest: bumsponge
    Thu 04 - Nov - 2010, 11:24
    This article scans like an elongated youtube comment, an immature bilge of sentences devoid of any real knowledge or cohernency, and is in fact overly malicious. "oo these people are living the life i can only pretend to in my articles, I'M GOING TO RIP THE PISS OUT OF THEM ON MY BLOG"
  • Guest: holyfucknuts
    Tue 26 - Oct - 2010, 19:24
    is this your idea of journalism/blogging/witty column writing? a picture of fearne cotton doctored to the tastes of a nine year-old boy? you could claim some irony to it, i suppose, though only if you hadn't written the words beneath to the tune of the exact same demographic.