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RA cycles to ADE


Written by Mike Cridland
08 Wednesday 08th October 2014

Here’s what Midland had to say about the project:

I decided to do the cycle, because the RA team happened to catch me at a very prime moment at Garden Festival in Croatia, cocktail in hand, sun shining... In all seriousness, I have decided to do this because I have always wanted to tackle a long ride, and this cause seemed so worthy so it was a no brainer. Having grown up in Africa I have witnessed serious poverty in the country. Charity should have a legacy, and not just be blindly pouring money in to a place and with this school we have a chance to do this. Its giving people the chance to change their own future not changing it for them

This really is a great cause to support, and all of the funds donated to the project will go directly to Bridges For Music thanks to support from their partners such as Fudges Cycle Store, amongst others.

For more information and to make a donation, head over to:

Alternatively, you could dump a bucket of ice water on your head and tell everyone about it....

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