Rad Photos #43: Lewis Khan


Written by Gabriel Mathews
05 Wednesday 05th July 2017

Khan graduated Bristol UWE and returned back home to London, where he has continued probing further into the edges of human existence, notably with an unconventional residency born out of a competition at the Chelsea & Westminster Photo Bursary. This project and his other revolves around the exploration of human’s strength and fragility.



What was it that got you into photography?                    

My dad had a film camera that I started playing around with, I really loved the idea that you could take a piece of the world and be both recording it and altering it at the same time.


Who are the photographers you’ve been following recently we should know about?

From some of the degree shows I saw this year I really enjoyed Toby Wall, and Todd R Darlings work.



Your most recent series ‘Love Time’ documents the NHS and specifically the Chelsea & Westminster hospital. Is there a particular reason you decided to take a residency with the NHS and that hospital?            

I hadn’t previously planned to at all actually, I was invited to submit a proposal for a residency in the hospital after doing some commissioned work for the hospital arts charity. I think they are fascinating places so obviously jumped at the chance. It also felt like a very relevant time to be making work inside a hospital - the privatisation of the national health service is a deeply sad and terrible thing.



We see you’ve also been to Cuba to shoot ‘Fictions’. What was that like and what was the project for?

As with ‘Love time’, ‘Fictions’ was a personal project, I’d been to a particular rural town in Cuba the year before and seen a place and some circumstances that I thought were interesting so went back to make some work there. As for the purpose of the project – I didn’t have anything set in stone whilst I was making it, I just knew that I wanted to do it. That slow and evolving nature of personal projects is something I really enjoy.


Shooting it was a good time, a friend and I spent a month in this small town riding around on tractors and hanging out, we formed a lot of close bonds there.



We’ve got a few other questions that are to satisfy our own curiosity…

Who are you envious of... dead or alive?

I’d like to think no one.


Who would be your ideal dinner guests? Again dead or alive.

All my pals, big knees up.


If it wasn’t for photography what would you been doing now?

I reckon I would’ve gone and studied sculpture, so maybe that.


Finally, just because we like asking this question to anyone we can. What has been your shittest job?

Probably selling candyfloss in the Place de Bastille – actually come to think of it that was one of the better ones.

Thanks Lewis! 

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