Rad Photos #44: Harry Butt


21 Monday 21st August 2017

The latest instalment of Rad Photos comes from London-based visual artist Harry Butt, whose computer generated designs and animations explore themes of architecture, geometry, technology and the human form.

His striking retro-futurist style has already earned him design work for Boiler Room, Brighton's Patterns Club, and a number of labels and club nights including Timedance, Audio Visual Atmosphere, Panatype and Mute. 


Timedance007 - Laksa's Contrasts EP


Harry's Rad Photos gallery comprises a series of on-the-fly snaps taken during his time working in New York last year.

As he recounts: 

"I was living in Brooklyn working for this design studio, but the pay was really shit so I lived off the freelance work. I would constantly be working late into the nights and through the weekends, and this is where my camera started to become a really useful tool as a sort of sketchbook. My work rate was really high and I was working on lots of record covers, and the camera became this way of sketching out ideas and collecting materials to use in the design. One of the projects that this visual research fed into was Laksa's Contrast EP on Timedance [pictured above].

"The images here are a collection of experiments and sketches for the record sleeves mixed in with pictures of the people and cats I hung out with in my neighbourhood."

Check out Harry's design work at www.butt-studio.com, and on Instagram @butt_studio



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