Radiohead to sue Lana Del Rey


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08 Monday 08th January 2018

It’s been three years since Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams were forced to pay out $7.3 million to the family of Marvin Gaye after a court ruled that their hit single 'Blurred Lines' had plagiarising multiple parts of Gaye's 1977 track ‘Got To Give It Up’. Many argued that the ‘Blurred Lines’ case sets a dangerous new precedent for copyright law - particularly as it seems that, more than anything, the writers was found guilty of ripping off the overall “feeling” of the original track, rather than directly stealing any concrete elements of it.

The debate continues with new ingredients added to the mix. Lana Del Rey is to be sued by Radiohead for her track Get Free's similarity to their breakthrough single Creep. The singer confirmed the news via Twitter, alleging that although she didn't take inspiration from the song she did offer 40% publishing profits to the band. However, the band's lawyers are demanding 100% of the sales go to Radiohead. 

The case was probably brought forward due to the chord progression in the song's respective verses. It's a noteworthy case though, because Radiohead themselves were successfully sued by The Hollies over Creep's similarities to The Air That I Breathe. Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood are now listed as co-writers for the song, and split royalties with the band. 

Does or should anyone own chords? When does inspiration stop and plagerism begin? The songs are both below for you to decide along with 5 more historic cases of alleged plagiarism. Listen for yourself and decide where you think the line should have been be drawn. 


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