Record Box 2 with Jamie Russell of Hypercolour


Written by James Ratcliffe
11 Tuesday 11th February 2014

Certain people seem to always know what’s happening in the UK music scene. As digital technology replaces old recording formats such as cassette and CD, the speed at which nocturnal, weed smoking, Jungle-reminiscing-but weren’t-there yoots can upload tracks to Youtube is moving into interstellar territory.

Rinse FM has been a champion of underground music in the 21st century and has been the go-to station for the aforementioned audience to be the first to post the new Burial EP/Fourtet kick drum before any of their mates/forum crewdem have slipped out their first self appreciation act of the day.

One of those shows is the weekly Hypercolour takeover on Rinse FM, which features the two very likeable label heads Alex Jones and Jamie Russell, generally ‘shouting out Garage things’ and playing some brilliant music.

Their Friday night show really is ace and features a superbly eclectic selection of House, UKG, Techno and some more unusual tracks thrown into the mix to keep it varied but on the pulse for a Friday night. We love the show, and we love Jamie Russell even more; so we asked him to send us a few tunes every other week to spread the good word and give the man another opportunity to do what he does best, tell you about shit loads of new music. 

Jamie’s a busy man, and we are really honored to have him contributing to Don’t Panic. He returns this week with his reccomended tracks that have been gracing his record back over the past fortnight.

Luke Vibert - Acage (Forthcoming from 'Ridmik' LP on Hypercolour)

We (Hypercolour) are putting out an album with one of our heroes! and it's excellent!!

Max Graef - No5 (The Gym)

One that we've just done the promo on, here at the HYPE office. Everything i've heard from this dude in the last 6 months has been exceptional. One to watch.

Paul Frick - Favourite Song (30porumalinha)

Paul Frick is 1/3 of 'Brandt Brauer Frick', who also runs 'The Gym' label (see Max Graef above). This is fairly old, those that know me, are probably aware of me once losing 3 record bags in one summer in Ibiza (don't do drugs kids!), this was lost in one of those disasters. Anyway...i've just re-purchased the record again, so it's in circulation and will most definitely be getting lots of plays again.

Tony G - Simple Dreams [Young Marco remix] (Infinite Juju)

This has just been re-pressed much to my delight, was going for silly money on discogs (which annoys me), heavy analogue business, but with some dreamy synth leads.

DJ Nori - Happy Sunday [Maurice Faulton remix] (Running Back)

Another repress, this remix is ace. Also check out '80's Drugs' on the flip.

Vellico - The Penines EP (Snowfall)

This is from the extremely talented brothers Tones, Ali and Ross (Throwing Snow/ Snowghosts). Whole EP is sick. Been rinsing all 4 cuts in different situations. Hats off boys.

Heatsick - Speculative (Taken from 'Re-Engineering LP on PAN)

Picked this up a while back, and keep coming back to this track. Whole album is ace, and not as abrasive as other PAN releases. Reminds me of Herbert, which can only be a good thing!

Mr.G - Tripped Out (Phoenix G)

Similar to his recent A1 Bassline, which still hasn't left my box. Nobody rolls out grooves like big 'Col.

Mark Henning - Sick Note (Soma)

This one's an oldie, but it's back in the box! Mark is another groove-master like Mr.G.

Boddika & Joy.O - Tricky's Team (Unreleased)


The Rinse show is on every Friday at 23:00 – 1:00 – more info can be found here

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