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Record Box 4 with Jamie Russell of Hypercolour


Written by Jamie Russell
26 Wednesday 26th March 2014

Jeremy Deller - Voodoo Ray [JD Twitch Optimo remix] (Vinyl Factory)
Out to Nick Williams from Phonica on this one, I picked up the original 'English Magic' EP from Jeremy Deller which is just steal drum versions of a few classics, Voodoo Ray being the only one on a house tip. Optimo paying complete homage and turning in a belter of a remix, reignited my love for this classic.

Vermont - Vermont (Kompakt)
This whole album is amazing, Danilo Plessow (MCDE) and Marcus Worgull team up to bring us some next level home listening gems.

Herbert - Resident (Phono)
Massive shout out to Ste Roberts aka Ski Roberts on this one. Put us onto this a good few years back, one that slipped through my Herbert net. Not new, but timeless sounding, just grabbed a very expensive copy from discogs, so has a worthy place here.

Samuel - Numberuma (brstl)
Big up Bristol! props to Shanti & Chris for finding this chap. Been playing this loads, simple, but extremely effective melody, on an afro tip. Tough beats n'all.

A Sagittariun - Wave upon Wave (Elastic Dreams)
Heavy electro/ rave weaponry. Wait until that bassline drops! Apparently this fella is from Bristol? and has been known to kick around Turbo Island most evenings with a bottle of Scrumpy, it's the quiet ones you gotta watch!

J Rocc - Party (Stones Throw)
Trippy, dubby house music from J Rocc on Stones Throw? yes please.

Mos Def - Umi Says [Falty DL remix] (Blueberry)
Falty DL on the edit of one of my favourite tracks, he does it justice.

Interstella Funk - 1999 (Tape Records)
Quality label from the dam, love how this keeps on winding round and round..

Innershades - Nina [Tuff City Kids remix] (Creme Organization)
Ace new remix package from Creme, love that mix of the 'Jah' stabs and the acid lines. Sucker for an air siren n'all!

Ricardo Villalobos - Lazer @ Present (Frisbee)
Another record that I own, finally! cost a small fortune, but this is worth it. Ric at his heaviest.

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