Record Box 6 with Jamie Russell of Hypercolour


Written by Jamie Russell
16 Friday 16th May 2014

New Musik - Warp [Ilo edit]
What happened to me with this record, just this week, makes me wanna cry, but i'll celebrate the fact I now own it on vinyl, by listing it here top of the pile. So this has been on my want list for about 2 years, and i've been shamefully playing a poor quality mp3 of it (where I could get away with it!) for quite some time now. I decide to treat myself by forking out 50 sheets + postage for it, as i've wanted it for so long (yeah it's a bootleg I know!), now what are the chances of a repress of this dropping on Juno this week? ouch!!..I do now own 3 copies now though!!

Jamie xx - Sleep Sound (Young Turks)
Dreamy, ethereal unorthodox house sounds here.

Falty DL - Huff & Puff Bruk (Swamp 81)
Jazzy drum excursion from this buy-on-site producer.

C.B Funk - Subway to Cologne (Story)
Been around for a fair few years this, but now back in the box. Proper deep 'aus. Heard this first on Joy Orbison's first ever DJ mix for Discobelle blog. Loads of gems on that mix.

Moiré - BBOY 202
Great track, amazing video. Been feeling pretty much, all of what this guys been doing.

Drewsky Wigged Out (Dance Mania)
Re-released on Dance Mania for Record Store Day. Sunshine house music, pumpy-pumpy style.

Taraval - Gar's Highway (Text Records)
New artist unearthed by Four Tet on his own Text Records. This is my pick of an all round solid 12".

Gerry Read - Zig Zag (Aus)
Stone cold banger. Will be in the box for a long time to come..

Traumprinz - I Love Ya (Traumprinz)
Love this. Deep, simple stripped back Techno, but done with finesse. This dude also does the Prince of Denmark stuff, which i'm also a massive fan of. Traumprinz and Ilian Tape crew single handedly holding up German techno productions IMO (OK, Shed also..!!)

Millie & Andrea - Temper Tantrum (Modern Love)
Always at the forefront of stuff, Modern Love is one of my fave techno labels. This whole album 'Drop The Vowels' is a great listen. I struggled to pick one from the album, this one got my vote today. Jungle inspired UK Techno!!

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