Record Box 7 with Jamie Russell of Hypercolour


Written by Jamie Russell
11 Friday 11th July 2014

John Roberts - Ausio (Dial)
Heard a Roman Fluegel set online recently, he started with this. Instantly grabbed my attention. Had to bag.

Floating Points - Montparnasse (Eglo)
Heard Midland drop this at Garden Festival last Thurs, during a b2b set with Ben UFO. Don't often ask DJs what tunes they're playing, but had to here!! This is incredible. Like a billionaire boys club version of 'Touch Me' by Rui Da Silva...don't let that put you off btw!! Best track of the year so far for me, from quite simply, the best there is.

Jamie xx - All Under one Roof Raving (Young Turks)
Samples from that 'Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore' short vid, that was doing the rounds. Sounds like subtle carnival-rave with heavy subs, and intricate drum work.

DANCE - Still (Blank Mind)
Classic James Brown amen sample slowed down to 120bpm, underpinned by some glorious pixxy music. This has got the rave as I like to say...

VtotheD - Futureworld (Greta Cottage Workshop)
Big shout out to Torquay's finest, Only & Winklez on this. Love this label, this is the new one of there's due out any day now. Sounded incredible playing this on the beach stage at Garden last week!!

Glenn Astro - Invasion der Klang Kot Artisten (Space Hardware)
A track from the forthcoming Space Hardware 12". Glenn Astro is a producer i've been following for some time now, the record includes 6 tracks that encompass many styles of dance music, fundamentally though, the whole record has bags of soul. I could of chosen any of those 6 tracks for here, as they're all stone cold bangers. This one flips shit on it's head half way through, you'll see what I mean : )

Makam - Loleatta (Amulett)
Proper party 12". Been an avid follower of Makam's output over the years, usually bliss deep house done with class and finesse. This is straight up party rave bangerz!! Loleatta being the pick for me

Lucretio - Do It Forever (Hypercolour/ HypeLTD)
This is the latest dirt/ soul jam from Lucretio of the Analogue Cops. Not sure where he pulls all his samples from, but they're always killer. Simple, effective, and bangs.

Syclops - Jump Bugs (Running Back)
Again, heard this out at Garden Festival. Think might of been Young Marco who played it? anyway, this is back in the box..this whole album is the druggiest material we've heard from Maurice Fulton I think? titles like 'Who's got Jason's K?' says it all..

Gesloten Cirkel - Zombiemachine Acid (Murder Capital)
Wigged out acid electro from the Hauge. Whole recent album is great.


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