Label Owner Patronises Female Artists; 10 Tracks That Prove Him Wrong


Written by Don't Panic
22 Thursday 22nd June 2017

Yesterday, DJ Konstantin - head of the suspiciously cool house and techno label, Giegling - became subject of a veritable shit-storm on account of anti-feminist comments published in an article in German dance music mag, Groove.

Remarkably, he claimed that women are “worse at DJing than men are”, and complained that it’s “unfair that female DJs are promoted so heavily”, suggesting that the recent shift towards inclusivity in dance music has been motivated by virtue signalling and cynical social justice pushing, rather than the honest belief that female musicians might legitimately have something valuable to contribute.  

These comments are clearly dumb on a number of levels.

The first is his complete lack of appreciation for the practical importance of positive discrimination in creating an environment for female DJs and producers to flourish. The reason that women have not dominated electronic music in recent years is not down to any lack of talent, but because the culture has been entirely dominated by men, meaning that women’s voices have been routinely stifled and undervalued. Heavily promoting female DJs at this late point does not constitute “unfair” treatment of men – rather, it is a necessary step towards rectifying the massive industry-wide imbalance that has held women back for decades.

More importantly, though, he seems to suggest that positive discrimination and heavy promotion are the main reasons that women have succeeded in recent years - whereas anybody who pays the slightest bit of attention to good, contemporary electronic music will know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

On the contrary, absolutely loads of the most interesting, accomplished releases and performances of late have been coming from women – and this should hardly be surprising. For every new woman who feels comfortable enough to make their way in electronic music, that's one more brave, fresh, inspired mind creating exciting new music - a much needed offset to the abundance of tired, uninspired, middle-class white men who have dominated the scene for decades, turning over tired, run-of-the-mill music in the process. Having had their voices suppressed for decades, it should hardly be surprising to see that the new women of the dance music world often have way more interesting things to say.

As if this fact needed illustrating, here are 10 female DJs and producers who have been absolutely killing it recently – not because they’re women, but because they’re wicked.


Karen Gwyer – The Workers Are On Strike (taken from new album Rembo, out next month on Don’t Be Afraid)


Laurel Halo – Moontalk (taken from new album Dust, out this month on Hyperdub)


Shanti Celeste – Thoughts (out now on Idle Hands)


E.M.M.A – Glacé (out now on Astral Plane Recordings)


Beatrice Dillon – Can I Change My Mind (out now on Boomkat Editions)


Jlin – Never Created, Never Destroyed (taken from new album Black Origami, out now Planet Mu)


Avalon Emerson & Courtesy - Live @ Sónar 2017


Anina – Livity Sound Mix for NTS


Jane Fitz - Live At The Pickle Factory 


Saorise – Resident Advisor Mix

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