Review - Deviation At XOYO


Written by Ganesh Senthi
17 Thursday 17th September 2015


I am going to get the only downside of night out the way so I can bum over Waajeed’s set. The promoter totally got the line-up wrong. Waajeed came on from 12am and Madlib was around 2am. Now, Madlib is an innovator and his beats from 10 years ago are what producers are mimicking today, but from having followed him and listened to mixes, it is clear that he can go off into his world and take you on a musical journey…. Which is brilliant but not at 2am. He should have been on before Waajeed because…….

…. The brother killed it. By the end of his set, I was spent of energy. From his first tune to the last, everything was neck breaking and as his set progressed to his 45 min Dilla tribute, you could feel the sweat dripping of the ceilings. Peeps were jumping and Waajed was jumping. Waajeed has always been way above the average producer (Platinum Pied Piers was special as is Church Boy Lou now) but I had never given his mixes much of a listen. That has all changed.


Madlib is Madlib. He is the yin to Dilla’s yang. The man is the Sun-Ra of modern hip-hop. In 20 years when future crate diggers begin, Madlib will be one of those producers who you see on records that guarantee something different. I just wish he came on before Waajeed so I could have enjoyed his set a lot more.

Deviation is a fantastic night, and looking at upcoming line-ups, it is clear that there is such a broad range of artists joining Benji B. If you see someone you like then head down.

If anyone from Deviation is reading this then I want Dam-Funk and ?uestlove back to back next. Make it happen. 

The next DEVIATION is Friday 2 October. Buy tickets here.

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