Review: The Apples - Thekla, 6 May '15


Written by Ed Rowe
11 Monday 11th May 2015

Arriving at Thekla on an average Wednesday night, I was a little unsure of what to expect from this Israeli nine-piece, who are regularly noted for bringing jazz-funk to a young, modern audience.

Before the show I spoke with Erez Todres, one of the band's two DJs, who explained the band's deep appreciation for Bristol and its audiences: “Bristol always has a great spirit & great people - there is a vivid young energy running through its streets."

Formed in 2002, the Apples have slowly but surely developed a significant fan base across Europe and Australia. With 5 studio albums to their name, and another expected later this year, the band are evidently experienced in what they do and how they do it.

As soon as the band walked onstage, they appeared confident, energetic and involved. Arthur Krasnobaev, on trumpet, was particularly vibrant - constantly involving the audience with incitements to clap, jump and get in on the groove.

Perhaps the most engaging element of the performance was the band's own enjoyment - whether running through older, well-worn classics or new, unheard material, they appeared enthused and engaged right up until the moment they left the stage. 

Following frenzied cried from the crowd, the band returned for an encore of fantastic solos, with all members showing off their skills in true jazz style.

After the show, I caught up with Yonadav Halevy, the band's drummer. “It’s our third time playing [in Bristol].. it's one of our favourite cities to visit and - between you, me and your readers - Bristol always has the best crowd on tour.” 

All in all, a pretty unique gig for Thekla. Here's hoping that more jazz funk makes its way through Bristol in the near future - you can be sure to catch me at the front, centre stage, whenever it does.


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